Secret Ajah

Posted by Eskia on 22.01.01 00:00

This is just a little idea I've been toying with.

Let’s assume there's a secret group/Ajah within the Tower that is dedicated to aiding the Dragon or helping the world after the Last Battle. (In any case it would make a nice counter-balance to the Black Ajah). If such a group was to exist in the Tower, it would have to have found a way to keep safe from the Black Ajah, whose existence was probably known to this group. A good way of protecting themselves would be to take an extra oath (being within the Tower, they could easily have had acces to the Oath-Rod or found another within the Tower’s bunch of goodies). The oath could be something along the lines of normally sticking to the "regular" oaths but being able to break them when their group’s existence or goals were threathened. Verin’s somewhat odd behaviour at times (like her little Compulsion-like trick) could then be explained as acting in order to achieve her group’s goals. So I believe Verin is one of the good guys, although she probably has a hidden agenda (achieving her group’s own goals).

wotmania says: I like the idea of the Lightfriends, and this "fourth oath" would certainly be a way they could protect themselves from discovery. Nice thinking, I like that idea!


Fourth Oath

Posted by Jak on 02.08.01 19:50
I think Verin is one of the good guys, however I think she probably just found out how to remove the oaths.

Conflicting Oaths

Posted by minam on 31.10.01 11:39
Seems like we found out that in the event of conflicting oaths ("I will say no word that is untrue" vs. "I will say an untrue word if needed" the swearer experiences extreme physical stress, perhaps even to death. A fourth oath may or may not be a possibility, but I cannot believe that a fourth oath could be sworn that would allow a previous oath to be broken. The previous oath would have to be removed (as in the case of the BA member that was uncovered), and new oaths sworn. It could be that the "I will say no word that is untrue" oath was removed and replaced with "I will say no word that is untrue providing that the truth will not compromise the existance of X".

Interesting idea, regardless.

Nice Idea but no

Posted by Maldais on 05.11.01 20:47
I like your Idea about a Secret Ajah to help Rand, and i think in a way it exicts, but not offecaly or concidered an ajah. Susian and Moraine have dedacated there lives to help Rand (kinda like your secret ajah but not an ajah). When Verin found out she became a part of it. If it was an ajah that existed befor hand Susian and Moraine would have been in it and not been mad when Verin figured out that they were helping Rand. Therefor the three of them are close to an ajah of there own but not quite.

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No 4th Oath

Posted by OneThread on 03.12.01 19:07
There can be no 4th oath that lets you break the others when necessary - remeber the problem of Conflicting Oaths?
Anyone trying to do something that they were bound to do when it disagreed with another binding rule would result in them falling to the ground, maybe unable to breathe, or channel.

Supporting evidence

Posted by Lord_Alon on 06.12.01 04:51
The theory about the LightFriends is very very nice , and the fourth oaths they need to take might explain something that i still had no answer for: In the Great Hunt Verin says that Moiriane sent her , while at the end of the book Moiriane says she did no such thing. Perhaps Verin could lie because of that oath.

what Verin said

Posted by the drewman reborn on 24.08.02 01:29
was to Intgar. Moiriane said she did not send Verin to shepard rand. Which she didn't. She sent her to watch over Intgar whom she knew was a Darkfriend.

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I agree

Posted by JPRU on 10.01.03 13:01
I think that this is a good idea...whether or not you want to call it an Ajah, I think there are a group that are more educated about the Last Battle and have found a way to beat the Oath Rod.

I may be off in lest field, but . . .

Posted by firstweaver on 10.04.03 10:59
Could this 'secret ajah' possibly be anything like the Green? They are dedicated to winning the Last Battle, and several have sworn to the Dragon already. It seems logical that this 'secret ajah' could be a core of especially dedicated Greens.

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Hate to break it to you..

Posted by Crolan_Dashiva on 22.05.03 13:20
but your so called secret Ajah isn't really a secret. It's called the Blue Ajah basically. Blues are known for taking up causes, but, thoguh their main goal is never blatantly spelled out, it eseems to me their role in the world is that of guiding the dragon Reborn.

Reds would anturally consider that territory as well though, and there explains the conflcit between Reds and Blues and why whern the twoer splits Reds and Blues split almsot 100% to either side. That's where Moiraine and Siuan came in also, way abck when. No I think Verin's on her own on this one.

secret ajah, eh?...

Posted by Dreamwalkers on 02.09.03 17:12
I like this idea. The Black Ajah has existed almost since the White Tower was founded, but the general opinion among the Sisters is that it doesn't exist. It seems likely to me that there are Sisters that accept the existence of the black ajah and would likely band together to fight against it.


Posted by Airen on 25.05.04 15:55
There is definatly a secret society in addition to the black ajah in the tower as book 10 indicates. Not only has Suain noticed a strangepattern in the age of sitters in the Salidar tower, but it was also noticed in the Elida tower... Also- Egwene's kidnapping at the end of book 10 seemed odd- it could be the tower, but would Jordan make it so boring- i think not.
SO- what are the secret societies aims? I'm thinking unity of tower above all, there seems to be communication between the two towers if the same disparity occured in both their sitters elections. And while i would like to think thy are pro- RAnd, one would imagine they would have foiled the kidnapping if so.
ALSO- the oath rod need not hinder their protection, BUT they would have to have a way to screen black sisters to ensure secrecy, as the blacks know about all other ajah secrets, which suggests efficient use of the oath rod- intersting that the Elida tower sitters knew immediatly what the 2 sisters needed the oath rod for, and none seemed to doubt the outcome... think they had used that tactic before?
Just a few thoughts

Compulsion is not forbidden by the Oaths

Posted by Tree sister on 05.03.05 21:36
There is no Oath that prevents sisters from using compulsion on each other. Only tower law forbides it. Saying that Verin must have done something to alter the Oaths because she used compulsion is like sayig that Moiraine did the same bacause she used balefire.