Verin - Lightfriend?

Posted by Mattrim on 22.01.01 00:00

Now, I really like the idea of Lightfriends and who knows, perhaps when Rand is in desperate trouble a new secret Ajah may come out of the woodwork... But I disagree that Verin is ta’veren or that she has secret powers that give her special knowledge...

The Brown Ajah, is known for researching things, and as we see when we get a look in to her room, she has a LOT of stuff in there - not necessarily to do with the Dragon. She may well know more than Moiraine, because she has spent a lot more time studying.

As for her knowledge of Siuan and Moiraine - as someone said, she is very observant and may have picked up on it in the early stages, and decided to see where it went...

I realize there’s not a lot of evidence, but it's my meager thoughts, please feel free to prove me wrong.

wotmania says: There is no such thing as a meager thought, though I would guess some visitors might take that opinion on some of my comments... I certainly think that Verin is a Lightfriend (if there is such a group, of course). Also, she does not seem like other Browns - she pays better attention to what is going on in the world, which I think explains how she knew about Siuan and Moiraine.


Verin as behind the scenes operator

Posted by Dik Lionheart on 21.10.01 06:22
She is probably the best player in the game...Cadsuane is a legend but everybody kmows this, and it effectively reduces her influence on Rand, in terms of subtlety...Sorilea is Aiel, but can't really do much about Rand...Moiraine is 'dead' for the meantime, and that can rather strictly limit her actions!

Enough with Lightfriends

Posted by Haplo48 on 12.03.02 18:27
The only lightfriends are Mesaana's horde, their are no other organizations closer to being lightfriends.


Posted by New Forsaken on 18.04.03 09:58
The only "Lightfriends" are Whitecloaks. After all, Asunawa is the "Hand of the Light."