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I don't know exactly what Verin is up to, but I don't think anybody else does either. However, Verin is special. In The Great Hunt she seems to use the Power to check out Trayal when the Elders of Tsofu bring him out to show what Machin Shin was capable of. Alar asks Verin to touch Trayal. Why? I'll tell you what I think.

"Verin gave her a long look, then rose and strode to Trayal. He did not move as she laid her hands on his wide chest, not even a flicker of an eye to acknowledge her touch. With a sharp hiss, she jerked back, staring up at him, then whirled to face the Elders. ‘He is ... empty. This body lives, but there is nothing inside it. Nothing.’"
How could she know this, and why did she give the Elders a long look before doing whatever she did to Trayal? Because she can channel in the stedding, and the Elders knew that she could. How? She is an advocate of the Light and so are the Elders. I know as well as everyone else that the Power cannot be wielded in the stedding, but there have been a lot of cannot’s that have been proven wrong. Perhaps the Creator has given Verin and others like her this Talent. In The Shadow Rising, Verin warns Perrin to stay clear of Alanna. This was his being ta’veren, but later when Perrin has the Trolloc arrow in his rib Verin tells Faile that Alanna must be the one to Heal him because her Talents lie elsewhere. I know that these aren’t proof, but Jordan doesn't do anything without a reason.

wotmania says: This is an interesting idea... I have always wondered about that scene with Verin, from the first time I read it. And you make a good point - maybe Lightfriends (should they exist) can channel in the stedding. And I also like the idea of the Ogier Elders being Lightfriends. Pretty much I like anything that involves the Lightfriends...


Hrm, remember the Well, or is it Alamo?

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If you remember in Winter's Heart the Ter'angrel called a well, I believe that Verin has one such tool.


Posted by the Wanderer on 31.07.01 16:04
How many times will this come up? You don't need to Channel to tell that someone has no soul. Sheriam did it in the White Tower in tDR, and Slayer mentioned the same thing in WH. But I guess some people still haven't made the connection...

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I am with the Wanderer in this one

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I think people are making assumptions that aren't reasonable. She could tell just by touch and didn't have to channel.

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Could it not be possible that Verin wears a well like that that Cadsuane and Nynaeve wear?

My idea of how she knew he is empty

Posted by devilic on 25.07.02 07:26
Right. Since Verin is Aes Sedai, everyone is led to believe that she did channel inside that stedding. Although there are evidences that shows she is worth suspecting. My idea of how she know the ogier was "empty inside" is that the Ogier is physically empty within the body, and can be felt just by normal touching. Remember the Black Wind does torture its victim in a very horrible way. This may be one of them, as in eating all the inside body parts first, then as it was about to finish all of the poor ogier off, he escaped. Thus, the Ogier lived.


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The Elders knew about what you felt when touching Trayal.

Answer me this: If you 'have to use the One Power' to do this, can Ogier Elders channel all of a sudden?

Err.. no.

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"Her Talents lie elsewhere":

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Compulsion, anyone?

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