Wanderer=Lews Therin

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When the wanderer shows up during the battle with Sammael I think that he is a vision of Lews Therin that Rand is having. Everybody thinks that it is one of the Forsaken using the True Power and that is why Rand doesn’t feel the weaves of the balefire. But if the wanderer was a vision of Lews Therin then it is possible that he seized duel control of the Power with Rand and made the weave himself. Rand wouldn’t have felt that because of his severely weakened state. This all stems from Min’s vision when she saw Rand as two people then walking away as one. It also explains why the wanderer was able to make an unnoticed getaway because he just wasn’t really there in the first place.

wotmania says: You seem to be saying that the wanderer was simply a hallucination on Rand’s part. If this is the case, who helped pull Rand out of that hole by the wrist?


Rand Al'Durden?

Posted by Lord Savaunt on 03.04.01 00:00
Rand used some threads of air to pull himself up. He just crafted an illusion of the hand to convince himself that there was someone there. Bet Jack in Fight Club would have loved the One Power. Wait all the guys that can channel are goin Durden on us when the Taint takes them oh I get it now. Duh.

Now I know that Moiraine has stated that you can't channel enough to do that no matter how strong you are. Well Moi in a world where Stilling AND Gentling have been fixed, Traveling is back in style, Weaves can be Unraveled and Inverted, it is possible to Cloak one's ability to channel, there are two Oath Rods, and a lust rod has been uncovered, The Tower is broken, the females that dig sex with other females have kept lesbianism a secret from the non-Aiel male population for three thousand years and Saidin is pure for the first time in as long, using enough air to lift yourself a couple of feet is not a problem.

So Rand is Lews Therin and Lews is coming out in the psuedo flesh? I like it. This makes more sense than any Moridin theory yet. As for who destroyer 3 is I've a clue yet, so I will soon submit my thoughts on this.

Sooner or later it all connects back to itself.

He's not that delusional!

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I think it's a cool theory, but I don't think it's right. Just because a few "impossible" things have been done is no reason to believe anything can be done. I think the Moridin theories explain a lot. Moridin is always going on about chaos and everything, and Rand is creating more than all of the Forsaken put together. It also explains the fact that he didn't feel the weaving that the man did much better than that he was in a delusional state.

In fact, he's not delusional at all.

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 04.06.01 07:12
What delusional? Was Liah a hallucination? Was Sammael? Liah got balefired and Sammael got swallowed by Mashadar in the time revision caused by that balefire. Rand was in no way delusional for all of that. That he's panicked, desperate, and nearly died in a who-knows-how-deep pit would make anyone a bit skittish, but he's nothing like hysterical.

On the lifting himself thing, havn't we seen Rand make a bridge of Air for he and Min to walk across from a boat onto a Seafolk ship? What stops him from doing so here? For whatever reason it is that you can't pull yourself off the ground, you can make a fixed platform of Air to stand on. But of course, then he wouldn't have had that nice lil' chat with the Wanderer.

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Yeah but the wanderer looks nothing like Lews Therin

Posted by Vercingetorix on 11.06.01 11:48
We have seen descriptions of Lews Therin on two occasions. The first, in the very beginning of the books in the prologue to EotW. The second, in tFoH when Rahvin manipulates Tel'Aran'Rhiod to attempt to change Rand into Lews Therin. In both instances, we see Lews Therin as having light brown, but mostly grey, hair and beard with troubled eyes. The most important thing is that Rand realizes that this is Lews Therin. So he knows what Lews Therin looks like. The wanderer, however, is young and has either black or blond hair(I can't remember). Does that look like Lews Therin to you? If Rand was being delusional, don't you think his delusion of Lews Therin would have looked like what Rand knows Lews Therin looks like? It wasn't Lews Therin.


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howabout a younger version of LT??

Posted by ReginaSedai on 14.08.01 01:26
so it says all gray or whatever hair in teotw.. I get the feeling that whoever pulled Rand up was from INSIDE of Rand. I don't know how crowded it's gettin' inside his head, but we do know LT is in there. So if you were the old dragon, would you not just reincarnate yeself all with a younger body? Maybe.


Posted by daidaishar on 05.09.01 18:38
it might be possible, after all, the heros can be called back using the horn, why can't Lewis Terrin have some sort of body to help Rand when he's in trouble(ocationaly).

Hey, I like that idea...

Posted by CNRedDragon on 12.12.01 21:02
Yeah, whenever Rand gets in trouble, all he has to do is pull out his special whistle and blows, and Lews Therin jumps in to save the day! Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Superkinslayer!

Oh, wait, that's right...it wasn't Lews Therin, it was Moridin. Never mind.

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Posted by Knight_of_The_Dragon on 11.02.02 20:51
HAHAHA you're funny. But i agree it wasn't LTT. I posted my own theory on it.

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Not bad.

Posted by kentuckyfriedpeople on 16.03.04 11:04
I thought this was a bit more creative than the bulk of the "wanderer" theories. It could be right.

the kfp

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The voice

Posted by Greger_sedai on 06.06.04 16:57
If it was Lews Therin, Rand would have recognize his voice. AND Rand had already seen Lews Therin to some extent.
You could argue that Lews Therin's voice belongs to a mad one, and the wanderer were sane, but bear in mind that when LTT and Rand worked together during LoC, LTT were resonable sane and so Rand should have recognize the wanderer by his voice, if not his looks.

Time Travel!

Posted by wingnut6 on 24.08.05 01:18
LTT found a time machine in one of the portal stone worlds, brought it back to the AoL, traveled way ahead in time, after Rand went to Shadar Logoth and Rand had been killed there so he traveled back to then just in time to save Rand.

How does LTT as the Wanderer make more sense than Moridin?