Mat As Hawkwing?

Posted by Lord of Chaos on 19.01.01 00:00

It’s just a thought but maybe Mat Cauthon is Hawkwing. They are both ta’veren, Mat could possibly be as ta’veren as Hawkwing. They are both great generals. Also, Mat is supposed to marry this Daughter of the Nine Moons, which I believe is the Seanchan Empress. The Seanchan are very exclusive, especially those who are of the Blood. I cannot see them allowing their Empress to marry anyone except the Blood and who better to marry the Empress than Hawkwing reborn? My final thought is that both Mat and Hawkwing hate Aes Sedai and anything to do with the One Power.

wotmania says: There are similarities between Mat and Hawkwing, but there is one main argument against the idea - could Mat and Hawkwing have been at Falme together if Mat is Hawkwing reborn? Seems sort of difficult to explain...


Must I Say This Again?!!!

Posted by shattered seal on 17.09.01 20:49
You need to be either shot or have a catscan. How many poor people have you exposed to this poorly thought out theory! *sigh* There is really only one word that i must say to totaly shred your "theroy". Falme.

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Dont think so

Posted by dyring on 05.10.01 07:17
Dont remember in wich book this was, but mat had memories of fighting Hawkwing. now that would not be possible if he was him yes?


Posted by bara ja on 14.03.02 15:26
Yes Mat have got memories from fighting Hawkwing, but those memories does not haft to be his memories. However, it's poor theory, and all that has to be said to crush it is "Falme," just like you said seal.

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Posted by Dovienya_Sedai on 03.07.02 16:00
I would have loved this theory (I like the thought of Artur Hawking being reborn and somehow having something to do with the Seanchan) but you'll notice that the heroes at Falme call Rand Lews Therin. Lews Therin himself isn't there as a hero because he'd been reborn as Rand; thus, Artur can't have been there if he'd been reborn.

Leave the poor fellow alone

Posted by PantherClaw on 30.04.03 00:40
Rand and LTT exist at the same time.
Why couldnt AH and Matt exists at the same time as well, because the heroes of the horn never physically existed cos when people tried to fight them their swords could not do anything because they were not made of the flesh.
As for you seal, do you think you are some sort of genious, if someone has a theory that you dont like then dont like it. But dont think you s*$t dont stink mate.