Lews Therin, No Doubt About It (On My Part)

Posted by Sorceress on 22.01.01 00:00

I am absolutely convinced that the "wanderer" is Lews Therin, the description wasn’t brilliant (we didn’t get much) but we did know about his appearance fit Lews Therins’ description, also Lews Therin vanishes from Rand's mind a short while before, and he seemed to be just a bit more sane, i.e. not so much mad and homicidal muttering and ranting, more informative, helpful comments, etc.

wotmania says: The only problem I have with your thought is that you say the wanderer looked like Lews Therin. He is described as looking little older than Rand with dark hair. Lews Therin had gray in his hair when died...


ah but in his mind

Posted by Lord Savaunt on 03.04.01 00:00
Lewy might've still thought of himself as a young man? Think about it do you always envision yourself as how you physically look at that moment? I usually envision myself in standard mod whcih stopped agin forward with my changing looks 2 or 3 years past now.

So if Lews thinks of Rand as his other self (it's been obvious for a while that Lews thinks he's been alive and Rand is a dead man in his skull right?) then maybe Rand is seeing a vision of How Lews thinks he looks in the walking world.

By the way how do we know that Lews is really dead? I'll explain more in a theory soon.

Sooner or later it all connects back to itself.

wotmania comment

Posted by daidaishar on 05.09.01 18:41
about LT having grey hair and the wanderer having black, well keep in mind that it was dark, that could have made grey hair seem black


Posted by Fenrar on 17.11.01 09:40
Well, LTT may have had gray hair when he died, he was also a lot more insane than the wanderer
So maybe it's LTT a few years before he died, when he hadn't gone too mad yet.

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Posted by Knight_of_the_Dragon on 11.02.02 20:57
You all crazy!? It couldn't have been LTT. The man has been dead for 3000 years, he's in Rand's head, and whoever the wanderer was, he used balefire and Rand couldn't sense it, which means that he used the True Power, which means that he's connected to the Dark One, and LTT, the DRAGON! wouldn't allow a direct link between himself and the dark one to exist, even if he was insane, and the Dragon would never bow down to the DO, no matter what Ishamael ranted at Rand in the first three books, because all the names he mentioned were FALSE dragons.

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Posted by Daemon on 26.02.02 16:41
Im sorry if I come off a little rash but all of you people out there who STILL don't think the Wanderer is Moridin need to be beaten till you see sense. Moridin doesn't have a great hatred for Rand anymore since he was reborn. He himself basically stated try not to kill him if you can just make sure you get what he is carrying.

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Posted by drakkusdiablo on 24.04.04 18:56
Actually, forging a connection to the dark one could easily be what Ishamael did to "Heal" Lews Therin in the prologue of tEOtW. Not saying i believe this theory, just like to be contrary...