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Recall the chapter about Osan’gar and Aran’gar. We learn that Halima is one of them (Aran’gar, I think), and that she’s a man, baby! Mat says that "she’s a terrible dancer" because she "tries to lead." In that society, no woman would try to lead while dancing. Plus, Halima channels something other than saidar. Why not saidin? Osan’gar says that his new body is "an excellent joke."

Anyhoo, there’s Ara’gar. Where’s Osan’gar? Simple! Pulling Rand out of a hole in Shadar Logoth! Rand does not feel his helper’s weaves because they are saidar, and he's too tired to get goosebumps.

This leaves one question: who is Osan’gar?

Lanfear! Shai’tan can bring his Chosen back from death, so why not from Finnland? And she certainly had time to forgive Rand’s infidelity, especially since she can no longer have him.

wotmania says: I would have to disagree... Osan’gar is a man (Aginor), we know that for a fact. If you want to guess who Lanfear is, take another look at Cyndane. And the wanderer was definitely a man - I do not think Rand was woozy enough to mistake Cyndane for a big tall guy... By the way, I liked Austin Powers as well!


You couldn't be more wrong

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Now if my memory serves me right, Osan'gar and Aran'gar (or whatever) are created in the begining of The Fires of Heaven, and Lanfear is killed at the end of The Fires of Heaven. There's also the fact that both of them are male you moron!

forget it

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i'm pretty sure we got that one worked out in the last bit of winter's heart. i'm fairly sure that osan'gar is dashiva, and he got killed by a member of the black ajah.

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there is always the True Power which would lead one to beleive that is was Moridin who kept Rand alive... TP cannot be detected, right?

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You people are such retards!

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Osan'Gar is a man. He was masquerading as Dashiva, read the last chapter of WH if you want proof. He was also killed.

Aran'Gar is a woman. She is Balthamel reborn. There were no other forsaken who could be resurrected when she/he was brought outta death. Aran'Gar is masquerading as Halima, a secretary for one of the memebers of the rebel Aes Sedai.

Those two were brought back at the start of LoC, in the prologue.

Cyndane is Lanfear. You only have to read the last chapter of WH to figure that out. Her thoughts say she loved Lews Therin but he spurned her. She says she was imprisoned by the Eelfinn. And last but not least, she is described as being stronger in the Power than Semirhage, and Sem was the second most powerful of the female forsaken, next to Lanfear.

I hope this can help make you fools see some bloody sense!

Lanfear is Cyndane

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We know for a fact Lanfear is Cyndane, and Aginor is now Osangar, and it was Moridin (Ishmael) who pulled Rand out of the hole as he uses the true power, which is undetectable to men and women both. And he has blues eyes.

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WoT: Good story... if only he knew how to tell it. Kerching.

No offense

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But this is crap.

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