Demandred Helped Rand

Posted by Katia on 22.01.01 00:00

It has to be Demandred. Remember back in Lord of Chaos when Demandred is speaking to the Dark One and he comments on how well he has obeyed the order to create chaos? You should also remember that the other part of that order was that no one should kill Rand. Therefore it is logical that Demandred would come to Rand’s assistance upon learning that Sammael was about to disobey that order in order to gain status, possibly even the much wanted position of Nae’blis. The reaction between the two kinds of balefire is a reaction between the True Power (one only the Forsaken know how to tap) and the One Power. It is possible that it was also a good vs evil reaction.

It cannot be anyone but Demandred because it had to be someone from the Age of Legends and he is the only male on the scene other than Sammael, Moridin, and Osan’gar (who hasn’t reappeared).

wotmania says: I will argue the wanderer was Moridin until something in Book 9 proves me wrong. The wanderer’s attitude toward Rand was quite similar to what Ishamael used to think. Of course, this kind of depends on whether or not you think Moridin is Ishamael...


Conflicting orders

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 04.06.01 07:36
It's fairly certain by the time of Rand's attack on Sammael that the order to kill Rand has already gone out to the renegade Asha'man, and as seen by Kisman's POV in WH, that order came three times; from Taim, Demandred, and Moridin.

As such, I don't think Demandred would have passed up a simple shot at Rand. And being in Shadar Logoth, Demandred could have killed Rand and Sammael, then reported that Sammael got Rand and he nailed Sammael for disobedience. Demandred would surely do such a thing.

Demandred thinks he can create all the chaos needed by himself, and if nothing else he would have left Rand hanging over that hole, and let Sammael kill him. He's been scheming to get someone else to kill Rand for months, it's an obsession for the man who has always come up short to Lews Therin.

Call me Tim

Correction for Tim

Posted by Lord Savaunt on 23.07.01 23:52
Tim I don't think that Moridin ever ordered the death of Rand. Even at the big meeting in WH he said words to the effect of "Well kill him if you have to, but only if you really REALLY have to. By the way I'm Ishamael reborn. Cyndane used to be Lanfear, Osangar and Arangar were Aginor and Belthalmel respectively, Shadar Haran is the dark one in human form, who happens to have an addiction to candy canes."

"Graendal is pregnant, and Moghedien is the father. I'm still trying to figure that one out myself so don't ask me? They'll either name the kid Tylinor Mat for reasons unknown to me. They keep smirking when I ask."

"Mesaana just defected to the white tower, she is now a loyal member of the red ajah. I don't know quite what caused this, she just kept babbling about pillows and friendship. I think she's gone round the bend."

"By the way Semihaggeer, semrigaheg, semir, that sadistic broad with the nice figure, called the other night. She's also abandoning the cause of the dark for awhile. It's not that she's become good or anything like that, she's opening up some kind of dance hall or pub or something. She calls it a BDSM club, whatever that means?"

"Osangar is opening up a new art supply store, and arangar has a new night wear for women shop being contructed next month. Sammael remains to be very freakin dead with odds of ressurection as a man woman or fade being at 23 to 1 against. The odds of him coming back as a trolloc remain at 2 to 1."

"By the way can we please put all those jokes about Demandred to rest? He's gone on record saying many times that he is not disguising himself as Taim. He did his best to prove that it was not a body double that he brought to last months picnic. Can we move on past this now?"

"Speaking of moving on and putting things to rest will some one please admit that they killed that greasy little punk named Asmo. I mean really we've debated long enough about which of us could or could not have done it, can we please just get this question resolved?"

"That completes this months Chosen update. On a final note I can't stress enough that you really should hold off from killing that irritating Al'Thor brat as a last resort. C'mon think of how empty our lives would be if he died before the dark one breaks free, it'd be kind of disappointing don't you think?"

"I can't stress

Sooner or later it all connects back to itself.