The Wanderer Is...

Posted by Mashadarman on 22.01.01 00:00

Moridin seems to be the only candidate for the wanderer up to the point where Rand falls through that hole in A Crown of Swords. Unless we have yet another ally to the Dark One running loose. I'll go through the points in chronological order if it pleases the Light.

Even if he was too tired to feel saidin, which he wasn't because he felt Sammael seize it, he would have seen the slash of light that indicates a gateway. Here's the point, when Moridin watches Sammael and Graendal he simply steps outside the Pattern when he leaves. No gateway. Just zip, outside of reality. That is what almost certainly happens when the wanderer leaves Shadar Logoth. Since Moridin is the only one who dares to use the True Power the last two points of evidence prove it was him.

I would also like to say something of Myrddraal. Their ability to disappear into shadows is easily explained if one takes the time to think about it. A Myrddraal's powers all stem from the Dark One. The True Power stems from the Dark One. Myrddraal have a warped ability to channel the True Power, and since they really don't know what they are doing, they don't have to worry about being burned up when they step outside reality. This ability to step outside the Pattern is a trait shared only by those who channel the True Power, thus Myrddraal's abilities must be manifestations of the True Power in them from the evil that created them. And it was once said that the more human a Shadowspawn is, the more evil can be infused into it. This explains Shaidar Haran's strange abilities beyond that of other Myrddraal.

wotmania says: I would have to agree that the wanderer is Moridin. And as usual, your theory wanders off the original path to something else interesting... The Myrddraal unconsciously channeling the True Power is a reasonable explanation for how they slip from shadow to shadow around the world. I cannot recall whether or not the Forsaken can tell if another is holding the True Power... If they cannot sense it, it would lend even greater credence to this idea. Aginor killed a mess of Myrddraal trying to figure out how they jump between shadows - maybe they just use the True Power and neither he nor they would ever realize it...


Two tiny comments

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 04.06.01 07:44
Just for accuracy's sake...

The post mentions that Moridin is unaffected by the crossing balefire streams. This isn't true. When Rand looks up, he sees the wanderer holding his head in his hands and looking startled. I don't think it was a matter of Rand getting blasted with a concentrated dose of the taint, but simply two different powers of intense magnitude coming in contact. Compare to when one person manages to slice another's weave, it snaps back to the channeler with a force that is physically felt.

And about the Myrddraal and the True Power, noone but the wielder can sense the TP being used. So it is possible that Aginor could never have been able to determine that some use of the TP is working for Fades.

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about the Myrdraal...

Posted by lessthanpleased on 20.06.01 16:39
you asked if the Forsaken can sense someone using the True Power. In Winter's Heart they can't; when all of the Chosen are meeting together they cannot sense when Moridin uses the True Power. The only indication that they have that he is seizing it are the saa in his eyes.

interesting theory. I believe it.

What of Shaidar Haran?

Posted by Rand_Tedronai on 14.08.01 15:46
Why can it not be Shaidar Haran? Myrddraal have similar characteristics too. Plus, I also believe they use the TP.


Posted by daidaishar on 05.09.01 18:51
I'd forgotten about that double vition rand experienced, maybe it has some relavence to the double vition he is experianceing now...hummm....

Very nice... I like it.

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Addition to the saa problem

Posted by Gandalv the Gray on 10.10.01 01:34
Moridin could have been using the true power, as it probably was too dark in the chamber for Rand to see that saa in his eyes anyway. Interesting theory =)

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Not a gateway

Posted by Bradley on 14.11.01 12:16
He dint have to make a gateway to escape either. He could have stepped into Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh instead. Or, seeing as how the forsaken are from the AOL, I assume they can fly since in TDR Ishy floats down from the top of the Stone zapping Moraine with black lightning. He could have flown away I still think its a good possibility the Wanderer is a reincarnated female forsaken.

Myrdraal and the True Power, yes...

Posted by Viran Yevel on 10.01.02 12:52
I like the point about Myrdraal and the TP. I've been sure for ages that Shaidar Haran has some kind of ability with the TP, but I liked your theory on the way Myrdraal slip into the shadows. So maybe ALL Fades use it, unconsciously and in a limited sense...

To Bradley's point> Assuming you accept that Cyndane is Lanfear, which I do, then all of the female Forsaken are accounted for. Moiraine(?) DOES mention at some point that it was rumoured Aes Sedai could fly in the AoL, but why fly when you can step straight from one place to another?

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Plain as the nose on your face

Posted by Edymnion on 05.02.02 22:46
Okay, so nobody can feel the TP being channeled, the only evidence is the black specks of saa in the weilder's eyes, correct? More or less, the consensus is that the Fades use the TP for their shadow walking. Also that Moridin can step outside of the pattern using the TP.

Okay, lets tie this all up into one working bit.
Its stated in the books that the reason a Fade's cloak never moves in the wind is that they aren't totally in this world to start with, so that reinforces them being able to step outside the pattern since they've already got a foot out the door anyway. Back to the TP's only clue being the saa in the user's eyes. What do the Fades (sorry, its just easier than typing out Myrddraal every time) not have? Eyes. Even one of the forsaken from the AoL couldn't figure out how they Fades could do what they do. If they truely used the TP, then it would be impossible for anyone but the DO to know because they have no eyes for the saa to flash across.

Now to put the capstone on it all. The run of the mill Myrddraal are wilders. They're born being able to channel the TP, and just do it as needed. Now that would make our super fade friend over there the equivolent of a myrddraal Aes Sedai, a fade that knows he can channel the TP, and knows how to do it at will. Having an inborn ability to channel the TP, and know it full well would make anybody cocky, which is exactly what he seems to be.
I think that puts a good clencher on the Myrddraal using the TP. Hey, maybe I should have made that a full theory, not just a BB post. I think I will.

I have a ?

Posted by Maisac on 12.04.02 11:07
Why is Moridin the only one that uses that TP? I mean if Rand can't sense it you'd think they would all be useing it. Obviously it has some benefits that the OP does not when fighting Rand.


Posted by lwk5620 on 02.07.02 00:53
I would have to agree with your assessment. It seems to be the most plausible explanation of how the Myrdraal are able to do what they do. ACoS even states that the True Power "could neither be seen nor detected except by who weilded it." (ACos, Patterns Within Patterns, pg. 356)

Sighs heavily...

Posted by Psykyle on 26.11.02 21:53
Firstly I'd like to point out that in Shadar Logoth very few people do not have cold chilling tingles running up and down their body. So it is possible that the Wanderer is a woman using the power to change both appearance and voice. Need I say more?

Good heavens, that name sounds more cliche everytime I post...

Sighs heavily...

Posted by Psykyle on 26.11.02 21:53
Firstly I'd like to point out that in Shadar Logoth very few people do not have cold chilling tingles running up and down their body. So it is possible that the Wanderer is a woman using the power to change both appearance and voice. Need I say more?

Good heavens, that name sounds more cliche everytime I post...

uhmmm . . .

Posted by wicked demenor on 19.11.03 11:20
Ok, now I have a few comments. first of all, Fades can do what they do because they aren`t completely in reality at all. It has nothing to do with the True Power. However, Shaidar Haran has the ability to use some type of power that the other Fades can`t. I believe he is the only one who can use the TP.

And, just on a side note. I don`t think Moiraine is the wanderer. If you ask me, Lanfear and Moiraine are both Cyndane. Note how Luc and Isam share a body? Well, We`ve not seen Cyndane doing much, but I do believe her description was similar to Moiraine`s. Such as how Luc/Isam look like luc in the real world, but resemble Isam in TAR. I believe that Cyndane will resemble Lanfear (who held TAR as her own personal domain) while inTAR.

Just a few thoughts. Well thought out theory though.

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Posted by drakkusdiablo on 24.04.04 19:08
the true power is really addictive, no one can resist it once the saa start (I think Moghedien thinks this when she meets Moridin after she comes out of the vacuole) moridin is not gonna last long the way he uses it, every time he uses it the saa are a "black blizzard," so he is pretty close to destroying himself with it.

just a thought

Posted by nettles on 13.04.05 00:11
i agree that the wanderer is in all likelyhood moridin, and that he was using the true power. i would like to suggest, however, that the reason for rand's double vision and stuff is not because of the magnified taint of the true power or because 2 enormous powers are colliding, but simply because their balefire collided. this must have posed a bit of a problem to the pattern, seeing as balefire is pretty much like an "anti-pattern." the confusion caused within the pattern would then be felt by both rand and moridin. they both had trouble right after the incident, and rand has problems later. i dont think we see anything trough moridin's point of view after this, so he could be having the same sort of problems for all we know. just a thought, but maybe worth sharing.

I agree

Posted by Ashaman Joey on 22.09.05 17:30
I completely agree with you. It was all very well backed up except for the part about The Wanderer not feeling anything. Nice job.

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About the myrddraal

Posted by gargantiuns on 04.04.07 14:41
myrddraal have no eyes as well. the only indication someone channels the one power is the saa in there eyes.

Good Theory

Posted by Jeans Magandy on 22.03.08 17:52
It's a good sound theory. I can see one slight problem (possibly) and it is to do with the Myrdraal channeling the TP . The thing I noticed is that Aginor was theo ne who created the shadowspawn, not the DO. With this it seems liekly that he would have a slight idea of how they move from shadow to shadow. I may have missed something here but I also beleive that Myrdraal are the "children" of Trollocs. So would they not in effect also have some slight ability to channel the TP?

Evidence going against my mini-theory here is that Myrdraal can be linked to Trollocs so that if it dies so do the Trollocs. This could be a form of the Warder Aes Sedai bond. This would imply some form of power is used to link them. Since there is no mention of any Black Ajah help or Forsaken involved in this process, it would also seem to prove your Myrdraal TP theory.