The Creator in Shadar Logoth

Posted by Packer X-Quai on 22.01.01 00:00

I think it was the Creator who helped Rand. First, why I think it couldn't be Moridin. The main argument for this seems to be that since Rand didn't feel the One Power being used, then it must have been the True Power. Well, there's been plenty of discussion about Lightfriends who would have access to a similar power stemming from the Creator. Would it not also makesense that this power could not be sensed except by those who wield it? Also, I really don't believe that Moridin would draw the True Power for something like that. Oooo! Balefire! Was it not said that one will not draw the True Power unless in the most dire of need? He could have used saidin just as easily. It's also been said that the double vision and so forth are because the "taint is a weave of the True Power. The two weaves touching would magnify the taint for Rand, but do nothing at all to Moridin." First of all, the other guy was affected. A Crown of Swords, p 846-7, paperback:

"There seemed to be a pair of the other man overlapping one another, each clutching his head between two hands."
Rand also had to help the other man up. Not the sign of someone "unaffected." I trust in Rand's judgment enough to know the feel of the taint. If any semblance of that feeling caused him to collapse, he would have thought so. I say it was the Creator who helped him because of:Granted, the man does speak as though he has ulterior motives, but no one knows the true nature of the Creator. Maybe he was just that way so Rand wouldn't suspect who he was. The only line that throws me is A Crown of Swords p 848 paperback.
"A great many plans will have to be relaid if you let yourself be killed now."
It could be something the Creator would say, and just as easily not... We'll find out by the end of the series - hopefully!

wotmania says: I have heard this idea from a few different sources, but I find it difficult to lend it much credence. For one thing, Moridin uses the True Power for everything - that is why he has the saa. The Creator does not lend a hand in the battle between good and evil - I can hardly see him changing that policy. Last, the second quote you mention to me seems exactly like something Moridin (Ishamael) would say. Until something pops up to make it extremely clear it was someone else was the wanderer in Shadar Logoth I will continue to think it was Moridin.



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... I sort of think of the Creator as short and fat. Like a Weeble. Only shorter. And plumper.

I've only got 1 thing to say

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Wake up!!!!!

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no, no, and no!

Posted by da┬┤covale on 21.10.01 10:24
1) Moridin uses the True Power for EVERYTHING.
... That includes balfire.

2) The creator never take part of the real world,
... he only created it.

3) The True Power isn't proved to be taint,
... it's only a theory.

4) Moridin would be able to disguise himself with the True Power,
... so Rand wouldn't notice him.

5) RJ wouldn't stoop to such a childish thing.
... He is a great author, not a stupid writer.

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Posted by UltraNess on 31.12.01 21:50
I agree that it was not Morridin, but I would have to disagree about is being the creator.

It had to be Moridin!

Posted by Viran Yevel on 10.01.02 12:40
Who else could it have been but Moridin? I cannot believe that RJ would simply drop another character so powerful, and so obviously important, into the story seemingly out of nowhere. So who?

It has been stated that Moridin is the Nae'Blis, we know all about the convoluted plans of the DO and his desire to "let the Lord of Chaos rule," and that is what Moridin is talking about when he says "too many plans would have to be relaid". It relates to something he says not long after, at the beginning of PoD, about "playing both sides of the board"... Sammael may have been willing to kill Rand (I dread to think what would have happened to him if he had!) but Moridin, the Nae'Blis, is under strict instructions to see that the Dragon lives.

Obviously, it would appear that this changed in WH, when Rand's plan to cleanse the taint came to light, but that's perfectly understandable also. Who knows exactly where they stand on it now? Not me.

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Nothing can affect the Creator!

Posted by El Ajax on 01.04.02 20:54
He's the Creator--an all-powerful being! Nothing can hurt him!

just wanted to say a lil something

Posted by Tabula Rasa on 20.05.02 19:13
I personaly have not put to much thought into who it is that helped Rand in that battle... but if the creator isn't going to help them one little bit why in the world did he even say one word to Rand in tEotW? If you remember correctly at the end of the book Rand Talks to the creator for just a few moments... just a thought

I've always thought

Posted by Adam Gaidin on 19.09.02 10:56
that the voice who spoke to Rand at the end of tEotW was the first glimpse of Lews Therin.

double vision

Posted by khayman89 on 14.11.02 09:53
the reason they both experienced double vision was the balefire itself.

when the two bars touched, they both erased everything connected to their end of the bar, witch would be rand and the wanderer. but since they were destroyed before they used balefire, neither ones balefire could effect the other, since neither of them actually used it. so in effect, nothing happened at all.

that gives me a headache just thinking about it. no wonder they got double vision and a splitting headache when it happened.

Doubt it dude

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You must be kidding yourself

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Just a side note

Posted by wicked demenor on 19.11.03 11:24
Ok, we have the True Source, and the One Power. The dark one`s power is known as the True Power. So, would the special Power coming directly from the Creator be none as the One Source? meh, just asking.

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Let me get this straight...

Posted by Nerfherder on 29.02.04 19:23
Okay, so the Creator comes and helps Rand? Then how come when the two bars of balefire touch it intesified the effect taint on Rand? If it was the Creator wouldn't it lessen the effect of the taint, or something?

Sorry, I don't think so


Posted by drakkusdiablo on 24.04.04 19:01
I don't think Moridin can use the One Power. Is there anywhere in the books where he does?

The Wanderer is NOT the Creator

Posted by Mhwadhi Debharu on 29.05.04 14:45
First of all, the Creator has so far always refused to meddle in the world directly. Secondly, he speaks in CAPITALS (see somewhere at the end of The Eye Of The World).


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Drakuskial.... or whatever your name is, are you really "that" ignorant? MORIDIN IS THE BIGGEST OP USER IN THE ENTIRE SERIES (EXCEPT PERHAPS HIS PAST SELF I.E. ISHY)

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