Rand al’Thor’s Unhealing Wound

Posted by Citizeness on 23.01.01 00:00

I am still working out this theory in my own mind so it may be a little muzzy. The wound Rand received from Ba’alzamon in the conclusion of The Great Hunt has always been a significant factor for Rand, a tempering factor preventing him from flexing his complete power both physically and with the True Source. This really must be to the good. He is young in years and to the Power and needs to proceed carefully if he is to come into his own and out pace the madness waiting for him as a man who can channel. In A Crown of Swords Rand receives a slash across his wound from the Shadar Logoth dagger wielded by Padan Fain, the Asha’man Flinn who attempts a Healing for Rand says these two wounds seem to be fighting each other (A Crown of Swords , page 574).

Ok now for my theory, the original wound on Rand’s side would have eventually become a real threat to his victory at Tarmon Gai’don. He is to fight a God after all and must be at peak form for even a hope of success. My main theory within all my other theories is that everything that happens to the main characters happens by design by the Creator in order to even the odds when the Last Battle if fought. If Padan Fain’s wound can stop the corruption of the first wound then Rand has a chance of staying whole as long as needs be. I believe Nynaeve will eventually Heal both wounds. Maybe the wound given by Fain will prevent the original wound from overcoming Rand until she can figure out how to Heal him.

wotmania says: This is a good idea, one that I had never really thought about. The people of Aridhol fought the Shadow with evil. Now the two wounds are fighting each other... The wound has certainly restrained Rand in some instances, probably to his benefit.


Wound and Taint Removal?

Posted by sheils on 26.03.01 00:00
This is an interesting theory, but could this have anything to do with removing the taint from saidin? That involved, from what I understand, having the DO's taint cancelled out by Shadar Logoth and vice versa. Now, if Nynaeve was to Heal Rand eventually, wouldn't she be able to connect and modify the flows she wove with Rand in removing the taint in order to Heal his wound? Just a thought.

Healing the wound

Posted by Murgen on 29.03.01 00:00
I seem to remember that Flinn put a ward around the wound, so if Nynaeve was to heal the wound(s), she would need a man to link with while doing it, perhaps Flinn himself: they're both the best healers of the age. I'm just not sure which one would lead the link...

Useful Wounds

Posted by Martyn on 03.05.01 00:00
Rand's wounds rather than being a source of weakness have in fact helped him.
Without the two wounds fighting each other there would have been no way for Rand to Observ the interaction between these two different evils and to heal Sadin. Also the wound in Rand's side is now one ofjust three sources of one of the most powerful counters to the Dark Ones power (others being Fain and his dagger)
His blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul comes to mind about now.

terribly sorry.

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At the risk of sounding, now how should i put it? Childish, perhaps? I've always thought so to. But i didn't post it. You did. All praise to you.

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As Loial would say....

Posted by Elder Haman on 07.02.02 04:10

Only Rand could turn being stabbed in the side with a mystical, cursed dagger wielded by a corrupted, twisted little freak into a GOOD thing.

Why the two wounds fight.

Posted by lizmarc on 08.05.02 06:27
Personally I think that Shadar Logoth held the taint on the femal half of the source. Both sources of power have good and bad and Rand figured out that the two should be in balance. With the male half, the taint was everywhere, like scum on the surface of the ocean. In the case of Shaddar Logoth, the taint was concentrated in one area. When Rand flowed the taint on the male half into Shaddar Logoth, the two competing taints cancelled each other out and that is how the male half was cleaned.

The initial wound probably arose from a weapon made from evil of the male half. This is a weakness to my analysis because I don't think it says that anywhere. But I think it's so because the wound from the Shaddar Logoth wound fights and in effect, cancels out the initial wound.

In responce to the female half taint...

Posted by OmnipotentEntity on 29.06.02 07:08
First, where did you get this idea?? I would really like to know (no sarcasm). Next, in this age there has never been mad female Aes Sedai, a taint on saidar, or anything like that, I won't say that this isn't the case for other ages because it might be, but because there have been no taint on saidar in this Age or last age (since the Age of Legends), and Shadar Logoth was corrupted in this Age or last age (again since AoL). So that could not be the location of the taint being moved from the female half of the Source. On top of that if the "female taint" came from the same source as the "male taint" (the DO) then why does it fight itself? I know the quote goes something like the halves battle each other while driving the wheel, but that doesn't mean that the taints would have to. Not withstanding that in the books it gives a brief history of the corruption on Shadar Logoth and it doesn't have anything to do with the One Power...

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Close, but perhaps not quite.

Posted by Spear_Dancer on 21.11.03 13:19
Okay, I really do like your theory, and I agree with all but one part. The Creator does not interfere. I'm not near my book collection, so I don't have a quote for you, but the Creator was always more like a gardener, he plants the seeds (people)and then lets them grow by themselves, not tending them. I believe it was Lan who said that mankind was in the hands of men, not the Creator.

in response to 'why the 2 wounds fight'

Posted by Kinslayer441 on 13.12.04 21:09
aside from also wanting to know where u came up with the idea of a female taint(seriously, that came out of nowhere), you pretty much just rephased what the theory said, only more muddled.


Posted by Hiddenkaos on 30.10.07 12:19
ya two things, well three.

one the comment about one Rand could make getting stabbed a good thing i like.

second, the theory in general, yes that is something RJ wold do, its just beautiful enough to be true. yes i think it has come merit, though as it was said the Ceator doesnt interfere, but then, just replace that with being Ta'veren. simple eh. lol.

my third point. about rand being restrained by it, after the battle at the mansion in KoD, Logain says that Rand is holding just about all he can of the Power, so im not sure, but i dont think it restrains him just the power of the other wound.