Rand’s Three Loves

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Rand has a very serious problem, as we are all aware. The three involved are aware of it as well. Aviendha has decided that she cares not, even though she really does, but decided that sharing Rand with Elayne is not a problem. What about Elayne and Min? I mean, the relationship between Min and Rand seems mainly physical, but is quickly becoming more, but he still likes Elayne, but is afraid of her as well, just because he "borrowed" her throne, and returned it to her. Ok, so say Elayne goes along with all of this, then what about Min? She seems besotted with Rand, but hasn’t met Aviendha yet either. What will happen when they all come together and he has to choose? I think that he will choose Elayne, but will definitely keep Min close to remind him that he's only a "sheepherder." I think Rand will try to keep an eye on Aviendha, but she will go with the Wise Ones, now that her sister (Elayne) is "safe."

wotmania says: This will certainly be an interesting story line to follow. I do not think that Rand will end up with only one of the three. Aviendha is clearly used to one man having multiple lives from Aiel culture. Elayne seems to think sharing him with Aviendha would not be a problem. Elayne and Min like each other as well. Perhaps Rand will be the first Aiel with three sister-wives?


Re: Rand`s three loves

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Ok I havn`t finished book 9, just peeked a bit. Didn`t the three of them met there? I`m not 100% sure. I really don`t think that Rands and Mins relasjonship is just physical. She is the one he is closest to. HE can`t send her away as he did with the other two. If he is going to choose one I think it will be Min, but I think it will be all three if RJ don`t kill Rand in the ending ( than I`m never going to read any of his books again )

Rand is most likely to change everything.

Posted by lord tiger vii on 24.10.01 19:34
It does say that he will change everything, I hope he gets married to all three, Min most of all, I wonder
if any of his wives will have any authority like maybe a Lady Dragon?

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Are you a slow reader or what

Posted by lokiian on 31.03.02 18:26
In the most recent book Winter's Heart the three get togther, but even before then the readers knew that the three would get together, Elayne and Av already like each other and in fact become first sisters through some twisted bonding. Min and Elayne already made peace with each other long before that in like the second book. And it may have taken a bit before Av and Min met but they seemed to hit it off fine. And lets not forget that using the bonding weave used on Warders and the Aiel bonding weave Elayen bonded all four of them together.

matter of relationships

Posted by shadowspinner on 13.06.03 15:59
Know this is probably off topic but, In and Rand's relationship is not the purely physical one. I think they've done it more than the other two, but Min spends more time with him and they talk more and know eachother better. Aviendah and Elayne hardly know him at all. Aviendah relationship was her screaming and yelling at him, and then all the sudden deciding that she loved him. Elyane pretty much was the first one to tell him that she liked him, and kissed him a lot. Then she found out the other two women had sex with him and got jealous. Min's the only one who even talks to him outside the bed.

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Just another opinion...

Posted by Unoriginal Sedai on 26.02.06 23:09
I haven't yet figured out how Rand will solve his little dilemna however, I can garauntee that he won't be able to choose one over the other. His attraction to Min is not mainly physical. He loves her, if anything, more then he has shown that he loves Elayne and Aviendha. I think it's more likely that he would marry all three rather then marry just one and snub the other two. That is a possiblity however, I am not sure how Min would feel about that. Elayne and Aviendha have accepted sharing him but not Min. She has taken most of his time and where she knows that he loves and is loved by two other women, I'm not entirely sure how much she's thought of the implications.