Why Rand Loves Three Women

Posted by Charles Cattran on 23.01.01 00:00

Who hasn’t asked themselves the question of why Rand loves three different women? Well, my reasoning is that because Rand is the Dragon Reborn, Lews Therin Telamon spun out once again, he should logically love the rebirth of Ilyena. However, Ileyna was killed by Lews Therin and for some reason cannot be born again. Aviendha, Elayne, and Min are three women who share all of Ileyna’s traits, therefore Rand finds them all irresistible.

wotmania says: I do not think every person from the Age of Legends has been reborn. Yes, as the Wheel turns certain people are reborn, and yes there are similarities between people now and people then. But not every major character from either time has a counterpart in the other. I do not know that Ilyena was an important enough character to be spun out again by the Wheel. Rand loves these women because they see a man and not the Dragon Reborn - perhaps Ilyena saw Lews Therin as a man and not the Dragon.


Splitting Up

Posted by Nicole on 27.07.01 07:28
The possibility exists, according to a mythology I forget, probably Hindu, that a soul can be split into three, particularly if it's a strong/great soul. Maybe Ilyena's soul was split up and the separate bits were reincarnated into three different women. After all, Elayne, Min, and Aviendha do have similar traits. There's also the fact that they're willing to share him, which is extremely unusual. There are also many points of view where one of the women think "So-and-so is so like me," or "I love so-and-so as much as myself". Hmmm.

Buuut, why does it have to be Ilyena reborn that Rand falls in love with? According to reincarnation, we're always with basically the same people in every life. So maybe Elayne, Aviendha, and Min are reincarnations of Lews Therin's three crushes or something before ooh la la! Mierin and Ilyena.

The whole thing is intriguing, though.

My 2 cents

Posted by Eswana Sedai on 29.07.01 23:22
This is kind of a crazy, loose, idea, but hey, most of mine are. Here goes:

Rand loves his three gals because they are all connected to his past. I don't think Elayne is Ilyena reborn or anything like that, but maybe she reminds Lews Therin of her? Also, her mom took Rand's mom's (Tigraine's) place, so Rand's past (and future) are connected to the Royal House of Andor.

Avienda is Aiel. Rand is Aiel. Despite being raised in the Two Rivers, he's still Aiel, and so would therefore have a thing for an Aiel woman. Also, this might be wrong, as I haven't read SR in a while, but I think that Rand's father- Jaundin- was clan cheif of the the Taraad, which is Avienda's clan. If I'm remembering that right, then Rand and Avienda are from the same clan.

Min is from Baerlon, which is near Emond's Field, and is a familier (sorta) face from back in the old Two Rivers. Min being connected to Rand's past is the hardest one to prove.

But there's another reason why, totally independent from the above, but along the same lines. This one might be even more off the wall.

Each gal might represent an ending/scenario to Rand's life in different worlds. Like, when he traveled by Portal Stone in tGH and saw many variations of his life go by. If Shaiel/Tigraine (Rand's mom) had gone back to the Waste when she found she was pregnant (like she was supposed to), he would have lived as an Aiel, possibly meeting and loving Avienda.

Had Tigraine stayed Daughter Heir and become Queen, somehow Rand would've been born and he would've met Elayne of House Trakand, maybe married her, and lived out his life as an Andoran noble.

Had Moraine not come to Emond's Field, Rand might have someday ventured up to Baerlon for trading or whatever, where he might meet Min and love her.

That's all speculating, of course, and mostly my tired ramblings.

Each gal could represent a piece of Rand's past OR a way Rand's life might have turned out if the Pattern had woven differently.

Okay, flame away. :-)


Rand is all of what 20?

Posted by random on 05.09.01 14:56
Think about how much our emotions and passions ruled our hearts. It's Concievable that he truly loves all three women and is attracted to them because he's young, they share an independant spirit that he likes and they are beautifull. Simple and plain as that. But then again I am probably wrong.

El Coyote

Random Gaidin
El Coyote

3 girls

Posted by DanAshaman on 12.06.02 14:11
Actually Eswana, your I like your idea... it makes a lot more sense than other theories I've read.

But also, surely I'm not the only person to notice how similar the names Ilyena (sp?) and Elayne are. But i don't really have a theory for that... maybe it's just coincedence.

Dan Asha'man

Three Lovers

Posted by Tube_Steak_Boogie on 03.11.03 18:57
There have been a lot of points about Rand being Dragon, Car'a'carn and Coramoor. Maybe each girl is the rebirth of each of his different title's lovers . . .

Three women equal one woman

Posted by Warlord_Griffin on 27.02.04 19:54
I have said this on another theory that may or may not get posted but think about it. Why could a woman not be born again, answer LEWIS SHATTERED HER SOUL.

"Holy fractured females, Batman" (sorry could not resist)

Anyway, think about it, why is the dragon feared by the dark one above all else, answer, he got a weapon worse than balefire up his sleeve that he only used once in his past life, for the sake of identification let us call it, "The Reaper Weave". He uses the reaper weave on Illyena in an attempt to destroy her soul, note he did use balefire a whole lot also, but that just burns you from the pattern, not annihalte your soul. Do not ask me the logic behind choosing that weave, but hey Lewis was insane at the time. So instead of completely shattering her soul guess what, he fractures it, into three souls, aka Aviendra, Min and Elyane. Does anyone else see one hell of plot twist here, maybe after they die the creator actually gets of his divine arse and heals Illyena for Rand as a reward.

I have theories on other potential likely plot twists, but at the moment they are waiting to be posted. Here is my two cents, you do not like it, laugh away.


Posted by sabin on 17.02.05 17:40
but why cant ilyena be reborn?

On a side note, i believe rand remembers vaguely holding a woman(ilyena) with the exact shade of hair elayne had.



Agree while disagree

Posted by Bengal Meara on 22.05.05 00:25
I agree that their the rebirth of Ilyne, but disagree with why the three are loved.....

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Posted by sascha on 19.03.07 21:44
the fact that Elayne and Ilyena are names almost identical in composition 'could' be coincidence, but i sincerely doubt RJ would just leave something like that to coincidence.

Elayne obviously has a strong resemblance to Ilyena, particularily with her hair, which isn't exactly a common shade anywhere but the Aiel waste.

the one thing that really seems hard to swallow with the above theory is the necessity to theorize a weave we've never seen or even heard of for it to be plausible.

i do like the idea of each woman being the woman meant for Rand if the pattern had carried his life in different ways. but then, since it was shown to Rand that in some weaves of the pattern where he stayed in the Two Rivers, he married Egwene and was happy with her... wouldn't it tie her in a similar way as well, since she'd tied into the other possible ways the pattern could've gone in a similar fashion?

and unlike Min, we have seen evidence that if Rand had stayed in the two rivers, it was very likely he would've married Egwene, not traveled to Baerlon and met and married Min.