Why Elayne Can't Make a Ter’angreal That Works

Posted by Mashadarman on 23.01.01 00:00

I know, I know, she can make her own ter’angreal that work just fine, but why can’t Elayne make a duplicate of the ring ter’angreal that gives access to Tel’aran’rhiod? I'll tell you why. Most of the ter’angreal from the Age of Legends were made from saidin and saidar. Someone pointed out that if the seals had been made from both halves of the Power that maybe they would have worked properly. That person also said that Callandor was made from just saidin or just saidar and that’s why it doesn't work perfectly. The point is this: The ter’angreal from the Age of Legends were made with both halves of the Power; Elayne only uses one half of the Power; no matter how much Talent she has, she cannot make a perfect duplicate because of the missing corresponding matrices of saidin that the ter’angreal needs to work.

I also have something to say about the seals that I don’t think anyone has pointed out. JMC said that the seal that covers the Bore is a massive weave. Makes sense. It had to have been tied off to stay there, though, because the Hundred Companions couldn’t stand at Shayol Ghul for all of eternity holding the weave. This is a big problem. After the weave was tied off, any old Darkfriend who could channel could come up and untie the knot. So, what the Hundred Companions needed was a ter’angreal that could maintain contact with saidin without having a channeler around to do it. Instead of knots in the Seal, Lews Therin tied it to the ter’angreal so the weave would be held instead of being tied off. This also has a huge problem in it. Ter’angreal aren’t indestructible. Even if hidden, these ter’angreal could be broken by any idiot or Darkfriend, thus releasing Shai’tan, and the Wheel broken and such... Anyway, the Hundred Companions decided they would have to make the ter’angreal indestructible, therefore the seven seals of cuendillar.

By maintaining contact with saidin, the seals gave Shai’tan access to the Power. Thus, the taint: A massive weave of the Dark Power, or True Power if you prefer.

Looks like I got a little sidetracked from the original point of the theory.

wotmania says: Mashadarman, you always get sidetracked from the original point of the theory - it makes it hard to place your theories at times, but they are always interesting. I cannot recall it saying anywhere that ter’angreal have to be made with saidin and saidar. Sometimes when Elayne is studying ter’angreal she talks about them as seeming to be little trinkets given as gifts. I was always thinking a single person could make one (if they know enough), so an Aes Sedai could give someone a little ter’angreal for a birthday gift. I could be wrong, though - it has been known to happen before.



Posted by Moradi on 30.06.01 08:37
The seanchan dont have to use saidin to make a'dam. They are made by damane only.

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Posted by Daemisoth on 18.10.01 01:06
Maybe thats why Elayne was able to make a perfect a'dam for Moghedien.

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Posted by mechigor on 24.04.02 03:45
I belive that each Ter'angreal was made differntly, simple ones could be made using just one power, just as most knowns weaves. Thus you only need Salidar to make a female adam. I belive a male adam can only be made using salidin.

However complex Ter'angreal just as the complex weaves of the AOL requires both powers. Elayne was able to make perfect copies of the ones that require channeling because they are simple and only for women. You could probaly make a male version of those if you used salidin.

Now you take a complex Ter'angreal like the ring that works for anybody man or woman, that also allows channeling and you need to use both powers. Chances are the flawed copies Elayne made will only work for a woman since it has only salidar, since it has only the one power you can only enter weakly similar to with the Ter'angreal that require you to channel.

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Posted by Nynessa on 16.06.02 17:31
Elayne can make ter'angreal that work... the stone ring ter'angreal and a'dam are examples....

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Posted by dragonreborn2k3 on 12.12.02 22:03
Salidar and salidin?? You must mean saidar and saidin, but I have guess to venture. I bet the renegade Asha'man led by Logain or Taim, depending will start up a town and call it Salidin.

And BTW, the ring ter'angreal doesn't work correctly because the people who use it appear fuzzy.

Just my thoughts.


i dont think so for the seals ........

Posted by pashkel on 26.07.04 03:59
The seals arent made only from saidin ... because all we know that the ... saidin made cuendillar is black ... and ... the half of the seals are white ... and ... that means that they are created with usng of saidar !

Why was only Saidin tainted?

Posted by QueenOfAndor on 11.04.08 20:09
I agree that the seals are half black half white because saidin and saidar were both used to make the cuendillar. However, if this is true, then how come only saidin is tainted and not saidar also? You would think that the DO is powerful enought to taint them both.

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