Cadsuane Will Teach Linking

Posted by Cool Gaidin on 23.01.01 00:00

I think that Cadsuane will teach the Asha’man how to link. I believe it was said that the Asha’man would not like what Cadsuane had to teach them. Perhaps they will not like this simply because they are learning it from an Aes Sedai, and Cadsuane in particular. After all, what else could an Aes Sedai teach to a man who can channel?

wotmania says: I do not think it will be this simple. After all, Asmodean said that he thought Egwene or Moiraine could reason out linking if they tried. Perhaps Cadsuane will teach the Asha’man an idea, or a value.


they already know how to link

Posted by Skye MageBlade on 10.09.01 21:46
end of book 9, a couple asha'man had to link with some Aes Sedai to guard Rand and Nyneave while they cleansed the source

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Tears and Laughter

Posted by corvidmortum on 01.04.02 10:37
Though I cannot quote exactly I remember hearing throughout the last two books that Cadsuane will teach Rand to Cry and to laugh.

Male linking to male not possible

Posted by ChitownWOTmaniac on 08.01.03 18:27
I don't remember exactly where, but Sorilea and Cadsuane when they first talk discuss the need for Rand and the rest of the Asha'man to remember that they're human and how to laugh and cry.

As for Cadsuane teaching them to link, it is not possible. Somewhere, again I'm not sure where, it states that a circle must contain at least as many women as it does men. It also is impossible for a man to initiate a link. That is why Rand had to let go of the source in order for Nynaeve to link with him in WH.

I Agree to an extent

Posted by wrastler98 on 03.04.05 11:08
I think that Cadsuane will teach them how to link in a sence that she will teach how to link with 72 people, the largest link possible. In LoC, either Graendal or Semirhage say that if they could do that link the "chosen" would be destroyed but that knowledge of how to do it has been lost. I think that Cadsuane will teach them how now that men have been accepted into other links