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I believe that Cadsuane will help the Asha’man because throughout her whole dealing with Rand, she has never once intended to hurt him. She has tried to guide his decisions and to help him, but never to cause harm. Cadsuane is an intelligent woman, and would not jeopardize her relationship to the Dragon Reborn. She sees the interest of the people and will help to link the Aes Sedai and the Asha’man, so that a greater control may be achieved in the Last Battle.

wotmania says: You make one point which I think some people lose sight of - despite whatever faults Cadsuane might have, she is not a stupid woman. I do not think that Cadsuane will teach the Asha’man how to link; it will probably be something more significant than that. But she might teach them the cooperation necessary for the Asha’man and Aes Sedai to work together.



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we already know that her intentions are good. you don't have to prove it.

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iis an arrogant fool who thinks she is worth to control the chosen one. It is true that she is strong and she is not stupid, but she seems to think: "If it leads to success, I'll sacrifice every Aes Sedai alive...
...Exept for me, of course."
She thinks all too much about herself to serve the Dragon. Perhaphs her promise helped in this regard (In book nine she was better at knowing her place), but she is still to proud, to arrogant. I'd teach her a lesson of respect from which she wouldn't walk as proud.


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...this is what Rand needs, somebody who he's been told he needs but she doesn't seem to care much for him. Rand is too arrogant himself, he expects nearly everyone to jump when he introduces himself. She doesn't do this, she helps him I think by making him chase after her. By proving to him he still NEEDS to chase if he wants certain things. He needs to know he isn't the creator.