Age of Legends

Posted by Asha’man Joe on 23.01.01 00:00

I think Cadsuane, being the oldest Aes Sedai living, will teach the Asha’man to behave the way male Aes Sedai did in the Age of Legends. She probably knows more than any other about the subject. That way, the Asha’man will become male Aes Sedai and will work together with the female Aes Sedai, accomplishing things that can only be accomplished when saidin and saidar are used in collaboration.

wotmania says: Even though Cadsuane is the oldest Aes Sedai alive, I do not think she knows much more about the Age of Legends than any other Aes Sedai The Age of Legends was a long time ago. Teaching the Asha’man a little respect and the spirit of cooperation would go along way towards improving the relations between Aes Sedai and Asha’man.



Posted by Bradley on 13.11.01 07:32
You think Cadsuane will teach the ASHA'MAN some respect and cooperation to improve relations between Aes Sedai? Last time I checked 98% of the Aes Sedai wanted to uh, gentle and/or kill any Asha'man. Its kinda hard to cooperate with people who want to do nasty things to you eh :E~

Asha'man need manners?

Posted by G0dMoridin on 20.07.02 13:15
What about the Aes Sedai? Am I the only one that sees them bullying everyone around, and thinking they know it all when they don't? The Aes Sedai need manners in lessons more than Rand's little group.