The One Power

Posted by Joycelyn on 23.01.01 00:00

I think that Cadsuane will remind Rand that he is human and can make mistakes. That is very important, but I also think that she will help Rand heal. He continues to let the deaths of the Maidens fester within him. He needs to, "Leave the dead and tend to the living."

Another thing that she may teach him and all the Aes Sedai (because someone has to teach them) is that he and the Asha’man are Aes Sedai. Maybe he’s not part of the White Tower but the Aes Sedai existed before there was a White Tower, female and male Aes Sedai. They need to cleanse saidin and fight the Dark One together. If either attempts to defeat the Dark One by themselves again I think they will surely fail and perhaps the backwash could then taint saidar. If Cadsuane, or someone, doesn’t remind everyone that they're working together, they will tear themselves apart.

wotmania says: Good point. I wonder if the Asha’man and Aes Sedai will manage to unify themselves before Tarmon Gai’don. Cadsuane would certainly be a good person to push them in that direction.



Posted by Rathan on 16.06.01 15:39
I like that idea, and would like to add to it. Elaida's Foretelling said that the Black Tower would be destroyed, and Aes Sedai would walk it's grounds. Maybe that means the black tower is dewstroyed because it merges with the White Tower, and thus is the "Black Tower" no longer.


Aes Sedai already walk the grounds of the Black Tower.

Posted by Wolfman on 08.09.01 15:56
Part of Elaida's Foretelling has come to pass (the captured Aes Sedai).
As for the Black Tower being destroyed, well I think it will be destroyed from within.
There will probably be a fight between Taim and Logan.
Will Logan link with his Aes Sedai? Yes, I think that will be Taim's defeat.

both towers....

Posted by mr_froggy240 on 27.11.01 10:42
The white tower will be broken by the fighting by the salidar AS and the tower AS. The black tower will be destroyed by the struggle between the followers of Logain and the followers of Taim. Maybe the remnents of each tower, black and white, will join to form the new White tower.

Just an idea.

They've made a Good Start Already

Posted by Florian on 24.04.02 15:16
Three of Rand's Asha'man have already entered into warder relationships with three of his Aes Sedai, on their own accord, without any pushing that we know of from Rand or Cadsuane or anyone else. Consider also Gabrelle's comments about her experience with Logain. It seems that once Aes Sedai and Asha'man are taken out of their normal traditions of opposition to each other, the natural draw between male and female takes over and they get together by themselves. After all, the reason we've been given time and again that most Aes Sedai aren't married is that very few men can stand to be at such a disadvantage power-wise with their wives. That won't be a problem for male channelers.


I just have one problem

Posted by Sir Demandred on 02.07.02 10:36
I like the idea of the Ashaman and Aes Sedai working together, but i don't like the idea that all Ashaman are Aes Sedai simply because they can channel. I would hope that both groups could work in unison without losing their individuality(sp).

Asha'man & Aes Sedai Unite? Not on your life!

Posted by lensedai on 06.07.02 09:23
Does anyone else happen to remember the whole discussion between Siuan and Egwene about what it IS to be Aes Sedai and not just some woman who can channel? The Oath Rod & the Three Oaths. We already know that when Egwene takes over the Tower she has no intention of breaking the tradition of swearing the Oaths. How could men ever be considered Aes Sedai then? I don't personally believe that the Oath Rod works on men (though this is far from certain). As we saw, when Sevannah asked Sammael if the Oath Rod could also be used on Rand, Sammael said it would take something else to control him. Whether or not that was true, of course, depends on whether we were being told the truth by one of the biggest liars and schemers in Randland!