Just an Interesting Foreshadow (Possibly)

Posted by Adam on 23.01.01 00:00

This isn’t exactly a full-blown theory, but perhaps it lends credence to the fact that Cadsuane can teach Asha’man something to do with saidin: (The Great Hunt, paperback page 126)

"No living Aes Sedai can teach you to touch saidin any more than you could learn to touch saidar. A bird cannot teach a fish to fly, nor a fish teach a bird to swim."

"I have always thought that was a bad saying," Verin said suddenly. "There are birds that dive and swim. And in the Sea of Storms are fish that fly, with long fins that stretch out as wide as your outstretched arms, and beaks like swords that can pierce..."

Now given it could be drawing far too much out of a little unrelated quote, there is the possibility that Robert Jordan was using Verin to do a little bit of foreshadowing. Even more absurdly it could be hinting at Verin knowing something about Cadsuane (perhaps both being members of the Lightfriends...). *shrug* Thanks for listening.

wotmania says: There is no such thing as an unrelated quote in Jordan’s writing. This is an interesting possibility, one I certainly never thought of before. And I just love any theory that hints at the existence of the Lightfriends. Nice job picking up on that quote!


I agree...

Posted by Ananke on 21.06.01 14:29
I agree wholly! i might add that Cadsuane knows a great deal about Saidin. For example, she knows Callandor isn't buffered. In addition, she has a good many ter'angreal about her. So it seems plausible that she knows much about the Power, and I prefer to think that she'll teach something about saidin than something about "love, indness, compassion, barbie dolls"

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Posted by CrazedWeasel on 28.02.02 20:18
Cadsuane, what a card!
She seems to know so much and is practically a legend, but you can tell something may be up with her that is *ODD*
Perhaps a Ter*Angreal that allows her to use Saidin (Maybe not)
Anyway, I agree. Robert Jordan probably has rooms full of stuff relating these things, but I agree.

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Not the only hint...

Posted by eleonora on 02.05.02 17:21
When Nynaeve goes through the "past"-part of her testing for accepted (tGH,p 340-341), she interacts with Aginor's use of Saidin (changes the direction of one of his lightning-bolts etc.) a bit more than we have seen in the series so far. I definitely think that Saidar and Saidin are not so far apart that the Aes Sedai wants to believe...