Break the Seals and Cleanse

Posted by Arian on 23.01.01 00:00

I believe Cadsuane will teach the Asha'man what Harid Fel found out and died for. I think she will tell the Asha'man that saidin can only be cleansed if the seals are broken. My proof of this thoery comes from the chapter "New Alliances" in The Path of Daggers. In Cadsuane's point of view she describes the current embroidery she is making:

"The major image on her piece of embroidery was finished, a man's hand clutching the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai. Cracks ran across the black-and-white disc, and there was no telling whether the hand was trying to hold it together or crush it. She new what she intended, but time would tell what was truth."
That last sentence carries much weight with it and leads me to believe that she will teach the Asha'man how to cleanse saidin by breaking the seals.

wotmania says: I cannot recall having seen this idea before, and I think it is quite interesting. Good work on that quote - it certainly proves your point! I know I am looking forward to seeing what exactly Cadsuane will teach the Asha'man, and this is a very real possibility.



Posted by Bradley on 13.11.01 07:39
As we all know now, the taint was cleansed without the last seals being broken. It is a good theory though. However, the embroidery Cadsuane Sedai made represented Rand most likely, him holding ALL Aes Sedai and Asha'man in his hands, or rather, under his power/influence. Maybe it represents the Whiter Tower also.

Break the Seals to fight Tarmon Gaidin

Posted by Isam on 12.03.02 01:20
Before Fel was assasinated he sent Rand a message. I can't be bothered looking it up but it was something like:
You must clear the ruble before you can build.
So, in order for Rand to reseal the Bore he must break all the seals, and in the process free the Dark One. I'm betting this will be the Last Battle.

Yes, but...

Posted by chukka on 04.04.02 08:16
Okay, good idea, but we now know that the seals were not part of cleansing the taint. I think, however, that the remaining seals might well have been broken by the cleansing, or at least damaged further.

Remember, the DO tainted Saidin while the bore was being sealed, making the taint part of the sealing process itself. Perhaps removing the taint would have a devasting effect on the already-weakened seals?

I have another theory I'm working on that the seals are in some way connected to Rand's ability to fight the Last Battle, but it's taking a lot of research.

Right idea, wrong result.

Posted by BAT5714 on 14.05.02 11:59
Good theory but we know now it's not entirely correct. I think it's clear that Rand will eventually break all the seals to force the LB with the DO. I rembember another section, I think it was one of Egwene's dreams but I'm not sure where it was, of a giant Rand walking towards the LB. She heard the sound of crunching, looked down, and saw Rand walking over the seals and breakig them. Whether this is what Cadsuane is going to "teach" is an intersting question.

Old hat

Posted by Joe al Holz on 28.05.02 20:38
I used to think that breakingthe seals was the key to cleansing saidin. Since "Whinter's Heart", though, I believe that siadin is sleansed, if for no other reason that Rand learned from the Aelfinn how to cleanse the taint, and we know the Aelfinn give correct answers.

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