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Posted by zx75 on 23.01.01 00:00

Recently I've read a theory in your "What will Cadsuane teach the Asha'man" page called "Isn't Love Beautiful?" It certainly is an interesting theory, but there is one thing that's bugged me about that one, and several other Cadsuane theories on your page. It's the theory that Cadsuane will teach them how to be human again.

Not that it isn't a noble pursuit, but I don't think Cadsuane HAS to teach the Asha'man to be human. I think they are very human. (Beware, this post may turn out to be a little long) Just look at Dashiva, and Flinn. Dashiva is NOT what I would call a cold killing machine. And Flinn definitely doesn't need lessons on being human. Heck, the reason Flinn wanted to learn how to channel was to be able to heal people. Dashiva bonded his wife. People pass over the significance of this point. No one who couldn't love, and care like a normal human, would do such a thing. They are human enough to recognize the desire to know that a loved one is safe and happy. There is that big bully who tried to step on Rand when he was there to hand out the silver swords and golden dragon pins in about the sixth book. But in any group of people there are those who are power hungry. However Taim keeps them in order enough that they haven't gotten extremely arrogant - just arrogant enough to suit their position. For example, I know Rand is the pinnacle of arrogance sometimes, but some of the Asha'man were more disgusted at their killing of the Shaido than Rand was. They do it out of necessity and not because they like it.

Now, I think that covers why I think Cadsuane won't teach them to be human; they are as human as they can afford to be under the circumstances, as they are essentially living weapons.

What I think Cadsuane will teach them is strength of will. She certainly has enough will power, I believe she will impart that knowledge onto the Asha'man. It seems that the madness can be slowed, or takes a slower course, in those that resist its effects. Rand, Logain, and Taim for example. Rand especially has fought tooth and nail, never giving quarter, never taking quarter, in his fight for continued sanity. It is an uphill battle that will be lost. But I think the harder it is fought, the longer they will last. By Cadsuane teaching the Asha'man to be strong in their fight for sanity, probably the most important fight they will ever face prior to the Great Battle (I prefer to call it the Great Battle as opposed to the Last Battle for my own reasons not to be discussed here) Rand needs the Asha'man, and they need their sanity to last until the Great Battle comes. I believe only with the help of Cadsuane and her great stores of courage and strength of character will they be able to stave off madness long enough. If they do not, there will be a much larger threat for Rand than the Seanchan.

wotmania says: First off, I think you may be mistaking Dashiva for Grady (I think it is Grady I am thinking of...). Dashiva is the screwy Asha’man who I am convinced is our friend Osan’gar. You are certainly correct that Cadsuane has enough will power, and the men she gentled tend to live longer lives than those gentled by others...



Posted by Rathan on 16.06.01 15:43
Good theory! wotmania is right, though. Grady is the one who bonded his wife. Dashiva is the one who was always talking to things no one else could see.



Posted by Prince Kheldar on 15.07.01 02:01
I also wouldn't consider Dashiva someone who could love, because a) he's probably a forsaken(as was previously pointed out) b) he tried to kill rand c) he's totally insane(or pretends to be) and d) he's dead

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Posted by Walruss on 10.09.01 09:44
With the Taint gone, wouldn't the madness pretty much stop evolving?

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Posted by WotFanatic on 29.01.02 23:11
warning **spoiler** if you have not read winters heart then skip this post.

In Winter's Heart, when Rand is cleansing Saidin. Part of the scene goes to Dashiva's POV. It is Osan'gar thinking about the months of masquerading as Corlan Dashiva. either a) Dashiva never existed or b) there was a corlan dashiva but Osan'gar just got rid of him and took his identify. I think its the former.


Posted by ramone0 on 20.09.02 11:44
Watch your tongue, The Great Lord of the Dark will not be pleased at all...


Posted by smallcatharine on 25.09.02 08:50
I've read Winter's Heart but I still like the idea of willpower being the thing that should be learned.