Love Ain't Grand When Death Be Coming

Posted by Phalantyr on 23.01.01 00:00

Listen, there is a lot of this "humanity" and "love" stuff going around, and I don't like the smell of it. The Last Battle is coming, and since most of the Asha'man are going to die there, I doubt that the thing that the Asha'man MUST learn is how to love your neighbor...

What I do think is that the all knowing Cadsuane will teach the Asha'man how to enter a link. I believe the very first theory from this string mentions this, I'm not sure, but think about it. The Asha'man have been bonding the Aes Sedai sent to destroy them with a sort of pseudo-compulsion weave which happens to include a bit of the "wife-bond" that the married men have been using. Logain in particular seems eligible for this linking theory - if wotmania posts my other theory you can read that too.

Anyway, to seal the Dark One up for the Age, thereby ending it (I don't believe the "line of time" theories will come to pass) you need both saidin and saidar, and that means bringing men into a circle. The only men able to channel are the Asha'man, so they need to learn how to enter the circle so that they can seal the prison. Also, if 'Taim manages to match the old White Tower's record for recruits, then the numbers will be right for the circle to be composed of the maximum number of men and women mentioned in the Big White Book (my own title for that guy).

wotmania says: I am sure there are some who would agree with you - that the Asha’man becoming human might not be the best thing in the world. But to me it just seems like Cadsuane will teach something more monumental than linking. After all, Asmodean once said that Moiraine, or Egwene, could probably reason out the linking method if they put their minds to it...


Shot down

Posted by Lord Nazh on 15.04.01 00:00
interesting theory, but, in the last age (AOL), only saidin was used to seal up the bore in the dark ones prison...


Posted by Onarishma on 11.06.01 03:47
they already know how to link when fain slashed Rand in Path of Daggers his healing process went Ashaman, Aes Sedai then both togeather if you reread it. And besides that pardon me for asking but if this theory was posted on 1-23-01 like so many around here why hasn't anyone read winters heart. RAnd And Nynaeve link to cleanse the taint and all the rest (probably because of those two wonderful healers) were able to do so as well. I don't know what cadusane will teach them but its not linking and I also am positive its not the being human thing.

Where did these Skimmers come from? I mean if they didn't want to read the book they could have just Traveled to another author. Why risk arriving at the wrong destination? Why risk falling into darkness?

Just How Old IS This Theory

Posted by Emperor of Draco on 12.12.01 23:37
We've seen men link in WH

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