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I find it unlikely that Cadsuane will teach the Asha'man love and humility. She is not particularly the most charming or caring woman in the world - look at how she deals with Rand, attempting to manipulate him in typical Aes Sedai style. Honestly, I think her ambitions are a little different than spreading love and affection amongst the Asha'man - she wants to help Rand win, and probably get her name in the history books at the same time. Rand is her greatest challenge. To aid Rand, she needs to get him to the Last Battle in the first place, and that means staving off the madness.

So my theory has two answers: Cadsuane will either aid Rand in resisting madness or cleansing saidin, perhaps with the aid of Callandor (though Logain seems a more likely candidate to wield The Sword That Ain't, considering he has two Aes Sedai bonded to him) or she will teach the Asha'man respect for Aes Sedai. To work together in the Last Battle, the Asha'man and Aes Sedai must be united. This is partially supported by the fact Min saw an Aes Sedai (Beldeine?) who is going to bond an Asha'man. Rand, I believe, will learn to laugh and cry again by himself - in the next book he is on the run, possibly walking among the "common" people again, seeing the repercussions of his actions first hand.

wotmania says: I kind of like the idea of Rand among the commoners, but in a lot of ways I think Rand is quite aware of how much destruction he is causing as he prepares for Tarmon Gai'don. I think it is quite possible that Cadsuane will teach the Asha'man to respect the Aes Sedai - this respect will be necessary to work together, and you better believe the Asha'man will not enjoy learning it.


both need respect

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I belive that both partys will be either tought respect by Cadsuane or will be forced together by a greater danger maybe the Seachean. think about it neither the Asha’man respect the Aes Sedai nor vice versa. If Cadsuane dose bring them to a mutual agreement it will be because of the cleansing of saidin (wich i belive the reds will not belive) and because the seachean pose a greater threat then anything else at that presant moment. Another factor will of coarse the split in the tower wich will also be resolved by that either all the darkfriends will either be revield or the key ones will die due to unforseen crecumstances. Of coarse one twist of fate could change all this in that since Mat is taverin and it is assumed he will marrey the daughter of the nine moons (who is of coarse the heir to the throne of the seachean) might bring about the seachean being under rands controle and mat in yet another unusual perdicament. but that would only be if the currant empress dies wich could happen with the daughter gone and some family member seeing a spot open and try to seiz the throne in the absense of the current daugther heir (sound familiar?). If i go any futher i might go a lil overboard but please any comments to this is welcome.
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