They Won't Like It

Posted by Jaric on 23.01.01 00:00

I have read the current theories posted and they all seem to overlook the fact that whatever Cadsuane teaches the Asha’man, they won't like learning it from her. That hardly sounds like linking, love, or cleansing saidin does it? For my part, I think she will be the one to unmask Mazrim Taim as Demandred. I don't think any of them would like the idea of having been trained by one of the Forsaken. Or worse, knowing that others of the Asha’man have sworn themselves to Taim, and will end up being the dreadlords the Asha’man were created to fight. Cadsuane is already linked to Taim. She helped capture him the first time, and it seems likely that their next encounter will be pretty memorable.

wotmania says: That has always been my problem with a lot of various ideas about what Cadsuane will teach the Asha'man - it will have to be something they do not like. And you are certainly right, I cannot imagine the Asha'man will like learning they have been learning from one of the Forsaken. I will look forward to Cadsuane and Taim meeting each other - hopefully that will be a scene in Book 9...


Forsaken Teaching? get real

Posted by Tammy on 04.12.01 16:24
I don't think the forsaken will teach anyone who might oppose them, except when forced to. After all, Mesaana tells Alviarin (Black Ajah) that if she passes on one scrap of her teachings, that she (Mesaana) will extinguish her.

Demandred again??

Posted by Lan Star on 06.05.02 17:31
I think this is a good theory, except for the fact that I seriously doubt that Taim and Demandred are the same person. I do agree with the idea that the ashaman will definitely not be happy about whatever it is that Cadsuane is going to teach them though.

I desagree...

Posted by Mr Wealth on 16.10.02 12:52
Mazrim Taim IS NOT Demandred

<== Is she Min? I've always thought she has brown eyes

good one!

Posted by Masema of 2112 on 22.01.06 19:37
if Taim is demandred, I have no trouble beleiving this. But I have trouble beleiving Taim is Demandred

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