The Taint and Cadsuane Sedai

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I have been kicking around an idea for quite a while now. That idea is that the original prison of the Dark One was not made by the Creator, but by Aes Sedai. We all know that it was two Aes Sedai who bored the hole during the Age of Legends (Lanfear and I forget what male Forsaken was with her). It seems to be pretty commonly accepted that the Creator is all-powerful. Thus it stands to reason that anything he made should not be able to be destroyed by man. Another hint along my line of reasoning is the fact that this battle has been fought countless times before. So, does that mean the Creator makes a new prison for the Dark One every few thousand years when the Light vanquishes the Dark? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that is the case since the Creator will not even take a direct hand in the conflict.

So, for the sake of my argument, I’m going to assume the prison was human made. It would have obviously been made with the One Power, BOTH sides of the Power. Now, when the bore was mended in the Age of legends, only saidin was used. So, in essence, we had the Hundred Companions and the Dragon forcing a seal into place with only half of what was needed (you know... "If it doesn’t fit, force it"). I’m not so sure that the taint on saidin is anything other than a reaction between the original prison and the flawed seal that was placed over the bore. It was merely accepted by the whole world that the taint was from the Dark One. The fact that the forces of the Dark say it is so does not really sway my beliefs. After all, they are all liars, right? I’m not so sure I believe in this myself, but it is certainly a possibility in my eyes.

Now for Cadsuane. I have two ideas about her. One is the fact that she may have possession of a ter’angreal that has the same use as Mat’s fox head medallion. If I remember correctly, Cadsuane is always VERY careful with her hair ornaments. Maybe it’s just that she likes them, but maybe it’s for another reason. In T he Path of Daggers on page 275, she is having a discussion with Alanna. Alanna becomes either frightened or angry when Cadsuane mentions her crime of bonding Rand. When Alanna embraces saidar, mention is made of Cadsuane that she makes no effort to reach the source and that, "One of her dangling hair ornaments, intertwined golden crescents, was cool on her temple." Hmm... Strikes me as mighty familiar although there is a slight hole in it... Mat’s only gets cool when he is actually channeled at, not just because saidar has been embraced nearby.

My other idea about Cadsuane is that she believes she knows the cause of the taint. On page 274 of The Path of Daggers, she is found doing embroidery. On that embroidery is the image of a man’s hand holding a cracked seal. I’ll quote what makes it obvious to me that she thinks the seals are causing the taint: "The major image on her piece of embroidery was finished, a man’s hand clutching the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai. Cracks ran across the black-and-white disc, and there was no telling whether the hand was trying to hold it together or crush it. She knew what she intended, but time would tell what was truth." Since this was a much discussed topic in earlier theories (and I believe the seals cause the taint), it is highly believable that Cadsuane knows too. After all, she DID know about the problem with Callandor through the study of ancient writings. Might she have stumbled across this as it seems Harid Fel did?

wotmania says: I definitely agree that there is something going on with Cadsuane's hair ornaments - hopefully we will find out what that is in Book 9... I also think that Cadsuane might have a clue as to what the problem is with the seal on the Dark One's prison, and what is causing the taint. My only question is why Rand and the Asha'man would dislike Cadsuane teaching this to them...



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There are several including a wel for saidar, an angreal and the one which went cool can sense channeling and tell what direction it comes from!

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I agree

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Anothing thing that supports this is lews therins rants on breaking the seals

The seals cause the taint?

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Umm what? We have several instances of Forsaken referring to the counterstroke of the Dark One when Lews and friends sealed the bore. Counterstroke is used to describe a deliberate action. I think the DO caused Saidin to be tainted.

Does this hold now, after book 9?

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Now, with the taint cleansed, does this theory still work? Does the cleansing of the taint mean that the plug of the hole is now right and not 'forced in'? Does this mean that thr Do will not rise?

I'm confused


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This is something that may support your theory- When Taim presented one of the seals to Rand, Lews Therin expressed a notable desire to "break the seals". Is this just because he's insane, or does he know that the seals are the cause of the taint?