Of Course It's Linking, Silly!

Posted by Fred Woodaman on 23.01.01 00:00

Really, it summarizes a lot of what other people's theories have covered. But first my premise. Suppose that the linking with men that Cadsuane has learned/pioneered requires the men to surrender control. She learned this in all her encounters with men, after bonding them Warder-style, something that kept them alive long after gentling. Back to surrendering, though. This is something women learn to do in order to wield saidar or enter a link. Men on the other hand must fight saidin for control - there is no surrender. And we know what a hard time Nynaeve had truly surrendering! If my premise is correct, this is going to be very difficult for the men. They must surrender control to a despised Aes Sedai. This in turn requires respect, some humility, acting like humans instead of psychopaths, and treating the "despised" Aes Sedai as equals. Which means they will ultimately become male Aes Sedai. Segue into Elaida's prophecy - Aes Sedai walking upon the ruins of the Black Tower. (Read out loud in an increasingly loud voice, preferably standing...) The Black Tower, reduced to the Asha'man sworn to Taimandred, will be destroyed in fire and ruin and the survivors sent fleeing to Shayol Ghul by female and male Aes Sedai! (Gasp - Shudder) What, what happened? I feel all sweaty. Hey, did I just have a Foretelling...? Cheers and, to paraphrase Stevie Wonder, "WoT'ers - keep on WoT'ing."

wotmania says: Why do I have a hard time imagining that it will be as simple as linking? I think it is because Asmodean thought it was a pretty simple thing - he thought Moiraine or even Egwene could have reasoned out the method of linking between a man and a woman. I like the idea of Elaida's Foretelling relating to the end of the Black Tower led by Taim... That could certainly be the eventual fulfillment of that particular prophecy...



Posted by boaz on 23.06.01 04:10
linking isnt that hard!it was all success on first try! it's something more important.

p.s. there is no taimandread

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Posted by Gandalv the Gray on 15.08.01 04:25
Rand linked with Nynaeve easily enough. And Elaida's Fortelling said that "sisters will walk its grounds." So unless the Asha'man take a drastic step and all turn into women, this would not work.

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Repect for Aes Sedai?

Posted by Vahn on 05.09.01 18:51
Ummm...seeing the AS as humans and acting respectful toward them? Umm it seems to me that CASSIE ought to teach HER AS that lesson. what a den for bitches.

Not linking

Posted by Tigerguy on 09.08.02 16:58
I don't know what it will be but I doubt it will be linking. Also, Aes Sedai already walk the grounds of the Black Tower. All those Aes Sedai that they captured walk on the grounds of the Black Tower.

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Rand already knows....

Posted by Tai shar SF on 29.09.02 20:30
Min said Cadsuane would teach Rand and all the Asha'man, except Rand already knows how because he linked with Nynaeve at Shadar Logoth. But I'll grant that linking might be a benefit of whatever Cadsuane teaches them.

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