Cadsuane - the Truth

Posted by Brent on 23.01.01 00:00

I am re-reading the last book right now, and I finally hit a passage which makes a few things clear...

What will Cadsuane teach the Asha'man?

Simple Answer: That the Dragon Reborn is flesh.

I take this passage straight from the book, where Sorilea is talking with Cadsuane:

Cadsuane drew breath. A chance she would have scoured anyone else for taking. But she was not anyone else, and sometimes chances had to be taken. "The boy confuses them", she said. "He needs to be strong, and makes himself harder. Too hard, already, and he will not stop until he is stopped. He has forgotten how to laugh except in bitterness; there are no tears left in him. Unless he finds laughter and tears again, the world faces disaster. He must learn that even the Dragon Reborn is flesh. If he goes to Tarmon Gai'don as he is, even his victory may be as dark as his defeat."
It is right there, clear as day... For her to teach Rand this, she would have to teach all of the Asha'man as well... We all know the Asha'man don't like how she treats Rand already, and that Rand doesn't like it either... I believe it will just get worse, especially if Sorilea starts helping her...

I know there was some discussion on the trinkets in Cadsuane's hair... And I believe that they must be (or at least one of them) just like the medallion that Mat wears around his neck.

Alanna stiffened. The light of saidar suddenly shone around her.

"If you wish to be truly foolish." Cadsuane smiled, a cold smile. She made no move to embrace the source herself. One of her dangling hair ornaments, intertwined golden crescents, was cool on her temple. "You keep a whole hide at present, but my sufferance is not infinite. In fact it dangles by a thread."

Obviously here, Alanna tried to do something to Cadsuane with the One Power... Since this is seen from Cadsuane's view, we do not know what. We do know that, though, because the hair ornament went cold, just like the medallion. Where it says she made no move to embrace the source herself implies that there would be a reason to (such as Alanna trying to do something to Cadsuane - possibly a trick learned as a novice - such as Compulsion). It seems that any one of the events could be just happenstance (Alanna surrounded by saidar, ornaments going cold, Cadsuane not embracing saidar) but all three together suggest, almost prove the fact that she is not worried about Alanna doing anything, because she has an ornment such as Mat's...

wotmania says: I think we may have found someone who likes to use periods more than me... I agree that Cadsuane will end up teaching Rand (and the rest of the Asha'man) that they are people just like everyone else. I do not know whether or not Alanna actually channeled at Cadsuane, because I have a hard time imagining Cadsuane allowing someone to channel at her without doing something back. But I agree that Cadsuane's hair ornaments are somehow similar to Mat's medallion. Time for some more periods................



Posted by Ninny on 31.03.01 00:00
I truly hope she'll teach them something more than just that.But I do agree with the still flesh-thing. Like being bonded stops/slows the process of going absolutely mad. That would be nice.

Anyway.... The thing went COOL, not COLD. like Mat says: "the medalion went ice cold. someone was channeling at him."
So Alanna as only holding the power.


Posted by Rathan on 16.06.01 15:50
Like Ninny said, the medalion went cool, as mat's does when someone is HOLDING the Power. If someone was USING the power on her, it would have been "ice cold."


but anyway, that's not the point.

Posted by Rinoa on 22.06.01 09:56
The point is, itis like Mat's
And I NEVER thought of that. Thank you!

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Posted by Jake1521 on 10.07.01 10:38
I think this theory almost hit it. Sorelia and Cadsuene are going to teach the Ashamon the cry and laugh. That is something that is hard for most guys because we want to be seen tough and we see tears as a sign of weakness. Usually the stronger we are, the less often we will cry right? What would be harder to learn than compassion and mercy to a person of incredible strength such as the Asha'mon are (with the power)? Especially if taim trained the Asha'mon just as Rand wanted him too: "Make them weapons for me to use, Taim."
Rand didn't ask them to feel sadness, but to destroy. Sorelia was right when she said: "Unless he(Rand) finds laughter and tears again, the world faces disaster." Even Min worries about Rand not being able to shed any tears. She says something to him along the lines of, "It is ok to cry Rand" while in the same paragraph she admits that he is just to hard and has no tears left. I dunno about you, but if there were only on person meant to save the world, I would want him to be able to have compassion for the people he is saving.

the medallion

Posted by nimvin on 18.12.01 17:39
It could be that the medallion just allows her to know when someone is channeling, and not be an actual wall to it like mats is. For xample it could let her know when someone is chaaneling within a mile, or something like that. I dont think RJ would give another item like that to someone else too. But then again it could be another one like that.

Cadsuane doesn't need to channel because she is always in control. NM

Posted by Nikikins on 09.07.02 04:52


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I think your right....

Posted by Shaggyj on 30.03.04 14:49
I don't really give much thought to what you said about what she teaches them, But as far as her medallion being like Matts, I agree here is why.

When Matt first notices the tempature, its because someone is channeling near him. He only describes it as cold when some one channels ON him or there is ALOT of channeling near him...

Also, Why would Cadsuane need to know when another woman channeled. I think Jordan is being intentionaly vauge here. She is a woman and KNOWS when other women channel becaus eshe can SEE it. The only reason to mention the medallion, another FEMALE channeling, AND that Cads isn't worried is because it IS like matts....

I think you're wrong ...

Posted by sidious on 18.04.04 12:47
Alanna embraces the Source because she is desparate. She doesn't channel - Cadsuane would see the flows or the weave (Aes Sedai can't invert). Alanna would be a fool to channel towards someone who is so much stronger than her. The ter-angreal merely detects saidar.

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Never thought

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I really never thought about that way before.