The Old Linking Theory Again

Posted by Amylyn on 23.01.01 00:00

This idea has been bandied about by a lot of people, but I think that one of the things Cadsuane will teach the Asha'man is linking. But I also think that she will teach them that by linking with an Aes Sedai and allowing her to control the flows they can postpone madness. This goes along with what Cadsuane told Rand about Callandor, that it can only be used if he is linked with two women and one controls the flow. It seems to me like she was trying to soften him, so to speak, over the idea of linking with women and allowing them to control the flows.

Also, there has to be something involved with the One Power that Cadsuane uses to keep male channelers alive longer, and the Asha'man would definitely not like letting women control their power. I'm not saying that it's the only thing she will teach them, but it makes sense to me.

wotmania says: It is true that the Asha'man might not like the idea of linking with a single woman (seeing as the woman would control the flows). Obviously, most of the Asha'man are not exactly trustful of Aes Sedai... Somehow, though, it seems like it will be more complicated than this. Maybe I am just being stubborn, but I think it will be more along the lines of teaching Rand and the Asha'man that they are still human.


Linking Men and Women

Posted by malic on 01.10.01 16:50
At the end of WH, isn't it a linking with Rand and Nyn, where Rand controls the circle, and i seem to remember reading that when it is only one man and one woman the man would control the circle/link. Feel free to bash me if i'm wrong

Your right

Posted by Perrin Elyas on 20.07.02 03:34
I didnt think this theory made a lick of sence

Berelains husband the man in white

Posted by Blight_Hunter on 25.09.02 14:06
I believe that the berelains husband will be Galad. He is now a white cloak and it seems the only one beautiful enough to get her eyes off of perrin


Posted by idan223 on 03.03.03 00:15
its plain obvious that cadsuane is going to teach them that they are not only weapones and thats the one thing she's trying to do since i dont believe Jordan will let rand die she will do it and that would be the thing!
not linking :/