Cadsuane is Black Ajah

Posted by Dorrin on 23.01.01 00:00

In New Spring, Moiraine runs into Cadsuane, and at the end of the story, Moiraine comes to the conclusion that Cadsuane is Black Ajah. And that she must find the dragon before Cadsuane does. And I quote: "Any sister can be Black. I think Cadsuane is." (Legends, Page 712)

This should open up an interesting debate, on whether or not Cadsuane can be trusted. She has done many things that do not seem to be in Rand's best interest. Maybe she is plotting against him. Maybe if Moiraine comes back, she and Cadsuane will have a showdown of sorts. Lots of interesting thingscan be stirred up from this.

wotmania says: Personally, I think it unlikely that Cadsuane is Black Ajah. After all, we have seen a little bit of the story from her point of view, and there was no indication that she is Black. I think it more likely that a young frightened Moiraine misinterpreted some of the things that Cadsuane did.


No Oaths?

Posted by silentdancer on 15.11.01 17:16
Maybe she has among her myraid ter'angreals one that lets her bind and unbind oaths, so she could free herself from the 3 Oaths other Aes Sedai have. We know it's possible

concede defeat

Posted by saren on 16.11.01 14:01

i just read winters night yesterday for the first time and the black ajah thing was bothering me.
why would RJ throw that into the short story without a reason? it looks moraine appears to have good instints all through out the story. there is a black ajah, sisters are dying and she find out who the (one of the) agent is and kills her. and cadsuane tried to force her to go with merean, as well as threatening to punish her if she didn't obey. "custom forbade physical violence..." so she could either feel she is above custom or be black and actually threatening death.
i looked in the faqs and coundn't find much so i tied to find support from the books but i think its definate that cadsuane is not black ajah.
main support: "...on the point of rooting out the black only to watch her quarry slip through her fingers... her bitterest failure..." WHpg307
related to that: if moraine comes back will she explain her suspisions of cadsuane? how?


Posted by Tatsuan on 27.12.01 15:51
I think Cadsuane tried to force those three sisters to go so that the other sister with merean would be safe with her and moiraine against merean.

Min's view

Posted by WotFanatic on 18.01.02 18:30
I don't think Cadsuane is Black Ajah namely because Min's viewing says that she will teach Rand and the Asha'man that they will need to know.

Not to mention

Posted by drgnrbrn316 on 30.01.02 14:39
Cadusane admits that her biggest failure is the failure to root out the Black Ajah.

How do we know she isn't one of the Forsaken?

Posted by lwyrnluv on 07.07.02 13:19
She appears for the first time in CoS with no previous mention in the WoT books, and everyone who meets her says they thought she was dead (Does this remind anyone else of Snake Pliskin in the Escape from New York movies?). Maybe one of the Forsaken is pretending to be her. Who could it be? Mesaana seems the most likely candidate. A lot of people seem to think Mesaana is running things in the White Tower, but who is she there? If she is in the White Tower pretending to be a sister, she certainly does not appear to be anyone important whose presence would be missed if she was absent for any length of time. And who taught Cadsuane to travel anyway???


Posted by Mordero Sedai on 11.01.03 15:58
Sorilea taught her how to travel. It was when they started their little "friendship" Sorilea said that she wasnt strong enough to do it but she made the weaves for Cadsuane...

Quote from the encyclopedia..
"Once in Cairhien she took up residence with the Lady Arilyn and caused quite a stir among the sisters sworn to serve Rand al'Thor. She has squeezed them dry for information on recent events and taken a Water Oath with the Wise One, Sorilea. The purpose, "To teach Rand al'Thor laughter and tears." Sorilea also taught her the lost Talent of Travelling, indeed many of the Wise Ones and Aiel seem to respect Cadsuane. The reason for this is because she saved the life of their precious Car’a’carn when the Shadar Logoth dagger wounded him. "

Another point against Forsaken

Posted by New Forsaken on 25.04.03 09:43
We go to her PoV a couple of times, and if she really was Forsaken, she wouldn't think of herself as "Cadsuane", but as whatever Forsaken she is. Besides, at SL, she fought Forsaken from her PoV in some places, and she thought of them as Forsaken, not Chosen. Therefore, she is not Forsaken, and not BA.