A Possible Cause of the Taint

Posted by Wyshnik on 23.01.01 00:00

It has been stated that just before the Dark One was sealed he tainted saidin. I believe this is possibly a weave of the True Power that is unseen. Moridin stated that the True Power could not be felt or seen. This would be why only those linked to the Dark One are immune... Thus as the Dark One is the father of lies perhaps the True Power is not just from him, but useable to any who know how to tap it. Of course I could be wrong.

wotmania says: It is possible that the taint might be a weave of the True Power, but who would be powerful enough to make such a weave? It seems more likely the taint is somehow related to the way the Bore was sealed. I like the idea, though, that the True Power, the ties to the Dark One, and the immunity to the taint might all somehow be related.


The Creation of the Wheel of Time and the Taint

Posted by Quantum on 02.05.03 04:50
From my own understanding it appears the taint did not come from the Dark one but exactly from the resealing of the Bore by the Hundred Companions. I believe this because of how Robert Jordan puts so much emphasis on the key term "Balance". Simply put the Bore was originally sealed in the beginning with the combined powers of Saidin and Saidar both giving a balanced seal over the bore, possibly put there by the Creater. Then the seal was broke when Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends broke open half the seal which just happen to be lead by Mieren/Lanfear.
Now lets say the female half of the seal was broke open only leaving the male half to keep back the Dark One from completely escaping. I say the female half was broken because of how linking works, where as when women link they can only have I believe 12 or 13 before a man must join the linking for more women to join. So with this linking led by Lanfear they accidently broke open the female half of the seal over the bore. Then when the Hundred Companions put there seal over the bore instead of fully sealing up the bore and creating the balance again they actually put a double patch of the male seal on the bore causing a taint on saidin. Think of it as cooking: say a recipe calls for salt and pepper on a stew, both put together cause a nice taste but put a double batch of pepper in it in place of salt and you get a nasty taste.
So with that said I believe the female part of the seal needs to be replaced instead of the male part and for this to be done Rand must destroy the Cuendillar disks, as what Fel's note said about clearing up the rubble, but he must also do is destroy the original part of male seal made by creater where as a new resealing can be created by men and women for a new balance out of the age they live in now.

A side note: I believe when the seal was originally broken that the pattern got caught as well in causing ages to repeat themselves over and over again because of the imbalance in evil and good whereas evil was more strong because of the tear in the seal over the bore. So what the pattern is doing now is reliving ages over and over again but slightly different in hopes of getting the seal refixed to recreate the normal balance but unforunately each time around the people get it wrong so the wheel changes up things and puts in the same original souls that started the imbalance but in different bodies without their original memory-(not quite sure on the memory thing)-but also in different places at different times/ages to see if this will help set up the recreation of the balance over the bore.
Think of it as flipping a Quarter, you have a 50/50 chance at getting heads and tails. But if you flip it 4 times you might get 3 heads and 1 Tail causing the 50/50 chance(Balance) to change. But if you keep flipping over and over again eventually after you keep statitisics of what happens the average will show a 50/50 chance again. So basically the Pattern is just trying to refix itself and hopefully in Rand's Age it has finally set up the right sequence of people, places, events to do this. The only holes I see in these 2 theories that might cause some arguments is the Horn of Valere, Balefire and TAR.

Say what needs to be said for or against this, but this is my first Theory here and it just happen to turn out to be a long one heh.