Theory About the Taint Destroying the Seals

Posted by LoC on 23.01.01 00:00

I think it very possible that the seals are destroyed by the taint of the Dark One. When the Hundred Companions sealed the Dark One’s prison only male Aes Sedai were included, thus the counterstroke of the Dark One not only drove them to madness, but also started to corrupt the Seals. Heartstone is known to absorb every energy human beings can use or channel, whatever. But the Dark One’s power lays beyond the universe and is thus no part of the actual energies in our universe.

wotmania says: This an interesting idea. Most theories argue that the seals cause the taint. Perhaps the taint is causing the weakening of the seals. That would explain the weakening of the cuendillar , when any Aes Sedai will tell you nothing can break cuendillar.


Taint Destroying the Ways

Posted by Dajeth on 27.04.01 00:00
Perhaps the Taint is also destroying the Ways. The Ways was made by male Aes Sedai after the Taint came into existence. Maybe it has been slowly seeping into the Ways from the energy that created it. Perhaps Machin Shin is caused by the evil of the Taint, similiar to how the Taint causes madness in the men who channel?


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Dajeth, you're absolutely right, but don't celebrate

Posted by wolvenblood on 06.11.01 14:02
The Taint causing Machin Shin is not only a possibility, but a proven FACT. RJ even says so in EOTW!

Saidin was tainted after the Bore was sealed.

Posted by Heathen23 on 04.02.06 16:15
enough said.

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