The Song of the

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This is a fairly strange theory, but possible.

Deduction 1: In the beginning of The Eye of the World, Moiraine uses a staff to "help concentration." Logically, she wouldn’t use the staff to help concentration when channeling if the concentration aid didn’t help her channel. Since an angreal is an object that helps you channel, it is logical that Moiraine's concentration aid, since it helps her channel, is an angreal.

Deduction 2: Although this is an example which is not from Randland, the concept still holds. Monks in monasteries sometimes chant or sing to help them concentrate on worship. Logically, songs and chants help concentrate, and, as I have shown in Deduction 1, an aid to concentration is a type of angreal. Therefore, a song can be a type of angreal.

Deduction 3: The Tinkers are searching for a special song. Since it is mentioned several times, it is probably important to the story. Since a song can be an angreal, and the Tinkers are searching for a special song, it is logical to guess that the special song is a special angreal. Special angreal are called sa’angreal. Or maybe it is a ter’angreal.

Deduction 4: Assuming all of the above is true, Rand will have to sing the special song, or have someone else sing it at the Last Battle, to either let him channel more vast amounts of the One Power, or as a ter’angreal which does something I will not even try to deduce.

Of course, everything I said here might be completely wrong, except for "This is a strange theory." Robert Jordan may have some totally different plan for the song, but I still feel that it must be sung at the Last Battle, for whatever reason.

wotmania says: I love the theories that start with, "This is a fairly strange theory..." I do not know that Moiraine’s staff was an angreal. It might have simply been an aid for concentrating, or a part of that weave. Think about when an Aes Sedai throws a fireball - no living Aes Sedai can throw a fireball without a throwing motion. Maybe using a staff is just how Moiraine learned the weave. I personally think the song is something akin to what the Ogier and Aiel used to use during the Age of Legends to aid farming and such, but who knows?


as to your song stuff

Posted by MasteroftheDice on 19.06.01 04:16
As I recall from Rand's visions of the Aiel in book 4, the sang with Ogier to grow stuff (similar to how Ogier sing). And as later books have pointed out, Tinkers are descendants of the Aiel (probably offshoots of the Jenn). The songs they look for are the songs they sang in the Age of Legends with the Ogier when they were Aiel.
If A) an Aiel remembered his visions well enough and taught the song to a Tinker or B) a Tinker was to enter the glass colums and learn the song - then the Tinkers would have their song and with it would be able to help the world as I seem to recall is their purpose in searching for the song...

the real question is

Posted by Onarishma on 29.06.01 16:14
All of this depends on if it was the song that was important or was it the fact that the Ogier were singing it and the Nym were dancing to it. Did the Aiel even really do anything besides join in the festivities? I am going to assume so because they seemed to play a major part in the process, in relationship to themselves(passage into adulthood), and to their world (providng a large poppulation with food). Perhaps this song like the treesong of the ogier is a way to harness the one power in another way that the humans(Aiel) are able to amplify(perhaps as living angreal)due to their spiritual purity(way of the leaf). But of course i have no evidence except my musings

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what the song is for

Posted by Arikan on 13.08.01 22:54
the song is rediscovered in shara by Jain/Noal Farstrider. he discovered it a while ago, and ishmael messed up his mind to make him forget it. however, he gets his mind back with the 'finns help, and he gets the ogier to help him harness the power of the song. the power is the Power of Creation (to counterbalance the true power) and jainoal wields this power at the last but not really the last battle. Believe me or not, i don't care but it is true.

about the staff bit......

Posted by Death (aka Moridin) on 18.09.01 02:33
it is an aid to concertration like the hand movements that are used in the weaving. The aiel don't use hand movements, they are not neccesary but part of how the weave was learnt. It was nto an angreal!!!!!!!!!

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On Throwing Fireballs

Posted by Cale Nevin on 24.09.01 00:01
Just a minor point:

When Trollocs storm the Stone of Tear in Book 4, Moiraine throws fireballs--and probably a lot more--without RJ ever mentioning her having a staff. So all I'm saying is that I don't think the staff is a required part of the weave.

The staff

Posted by tag_zero on 11.03.02 02:29
When Moirane loses her staff to Machin Shin, she specifically states that "It was a focus, but not an angreal." It did help her concentrate, but... well, yeah, it wasn't an angreal.

I like singing though!

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Sorry, but, uh, no. First off, Morainne states that the staff is not an angrel. Second, no amount of singing would ever allow you to channnel more OP like an angrel. An angrel is a specially designed object that magnifies the amount of power a person can channel. So, naturally, singing would not be a way to channel. So, sorry, thanks for playing.

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You are going in the right direction

Posted by generalwooly on 24.04.03 00:58
I think Rand will discover the Song and sing it at the Last Battle. I have to do some research, but if it holds, I will submit a theory.

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A singing people

Posted by Cha Ayende on 25.04.03 19:55
I just wanted to add this to maybe support the part of the theory about Rand singing the DO to death. Rand is part Aiel as we know, and the Aiel (men) only sing when they are in battle or at funerals. I don't remember Rand ever singing in the books, or him actually commanding a battle so i can see RJ having him Sing the Song at TG.

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Moiraine states in EoTW that her staff is A STAFF. The only angreal she has is the woman angreal she uses when she heals Mat from the dagger to weaken the taint, and again to heal Rands wound. She says, plainly and directly to Egwene that her staff is nothing but a carved wooden staff. Do a little research next time

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