Idea Concerning the True Power

Posted by Nynaeve on 23.01.01 00:00

Just a thought... If the True Power can be connected to the Dark One, might there also be a True Power that is connected to the Creator? Perhaps something that might be accessed by those who serve the Creator, in a similar manner as the True Power might be accessed by those who serve the Dark One.

wotmania says: If there really is such a group as the Lightfriends, it would seem plausible they might have access to such a tool. After all, the Creator talks like the Dark One - why not give his highest servants access to some sort of True Power as well?


nope, not bloody likely

Posted by Robman on 22.03.02 22:58
The "forcibly retired" former Lord Captain Commander of the CoTL was very right about one thing: the creator has left his children to destiny. The True power has no equivelent, nor will one be discovered.

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the one power

Posted by hklem on 28.03.02 16:20
I may be far off, but what about saidin and saidar, couldn't they be the creator's "true power"?
I mean, the creator imprissoned the dark one and his true power with him at the moment of creation, right?but he "left" the one power to his subjects, the humans(cuz he did create humans,right? (or maybe that was the dark ones counter stroke when he first was imprissoned, eh..or not!))to use, so....the one power is the creator's answer to the dark one's true power, or have I missed something important as I tend to do?

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The One Power is the Creator's Power

Posted by Florian on 17.04.02 18:52
The One Power is the proper opposite to the "true" power. You notice it does everything through _weaves_? In other words, it works with and through the Order of the Pattern. The "True" Power (note, only Darkfriends call it "True" works by tearing and torturing the Pattern. Its essence is Chaos.

The reason that Darkfriends can touch the One Power, but "Lightfriends" can't touch the "True" Power is that Darkfriends are still part of the Pattern, and thus are still beneficiaries of the Creator's orderly power, even though they are sworn to work for its dissolution.


True Power of the Creator?

Posted by jak on 23.04.02 13:37
I believe we have already seen evidence of this True Power of the Creator. Most Randlandians refer to it as the One Power .

oi oi

Posted by Tel_Janin on 19.07.02 15:32
the creator said that he or she or whatever would not get involed and let rand do the hard work so giving a type of poer connected to him only wauld be contradicting himself

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