The Taint, the True Power, and the One Power

Posted by Mashadarman on 23.01.01 00:00

I have an idea about the origins, roots if you will, of the One Power, and the True Power.

The One Power turns the Wheel, therefore it must have its roots in energy. The Power itself is the essence of energy in the World of the Wheel. Although they may not realize it, the people of the Wheel experience contact with the Power every day. When drawn upon by humans it is distilled and changed into a temporary, physical thing that can directly effect the world.

The True Power, here on out known as the Dark Power for reasons revealed later in the theory, is death itself. It is the essence of destruction and evil. It did not effect the World of the Wheel directly, until the Bore was drilled and the Dark One touched the world. It gives him his god-like powers, yet it also stems from them. The taint on saidin is a weave of the Dark Power, able to be undone by any who can touch the Dark Power. It is maintained by the Dark One’s constant contact with the seals and therefore with saidin.

As has been theorized before, I also believe that the Creator has a sort of Power that can be dealt out to those extremely loyal Lightfriends. This will be known as the True Power, because it is the only True Power in the universe. (Maybe I should call it the Jenn Power!) The True Power was used to create energy and therefore to create the One Power. If used, the "weave" known to humans as matter, maintains itself. One could literally create something out of nothing with the True Power. While you may say that the One Power can be used to create, say, fire, that fire only maintains itself if tied off, and it remains energy. The True Power is much like the Dark Power in that it stems from the god-like powers of the Creator, while he uses that Power to create and therefore giving him those god-like powers.

That’s all for now.

wotmania says: Wow. Not much I can say about that one... This theory sums up a favorite idea of mine, though - the existence of a "True Power" accessible only to the Lightfriends. If, of course, the Lightfriends exist. Which I think they do...


First Wound

Posted by ramone0 on 16.07.02 06:26
I have a problem, I can't understand completely.
The first wound in Rand's side was made by Ishamael's power-made dark staff. Now I wonder, why is in never-healing ?
Was the weapon made by the True Power ? because a Power weapon does not usually require a great amount of Power, so the taint alone could not hurt Rand that bad...
And still... An Ishamael wielding the True Power looks with a note of fear upon a Rand al'Thor with a heron-marked blade ?(+ the oneness)


Posted by Zeizelbird on 20.11.02 01:28
Keep in mind that when Rand attains 'oneness' he is nearly embracing the power. Ishamael very possibly sensed Rand's ability with the power when he attained 'oneness,' and Rand's enormous capacity for the One Power would probably frighten even one of the Forsaken if unexpected.