Perrin’s Role

Posted by Justin on 19.01.01 00:00

Perrin Aybara is a fairly simple, down to earth character in WoT. He is a friend of Rand and Mat, and is gifted with the ability to talk to wolves. But what makes Perrin significant? He was completely left out of The Fires of Heaven, and he hasn't really done anything big since Dumai's Wells.

First, he is a member of the ta'veren trio from Emond's Field. This alone would make him significant and worthy of mention. All three will play an important role before the series is all over with. Just because Rand is getting all the attention now doesn't mean that Mat or Perrin aren't important. A Myrddraal once said to Mat cut down one leg, and the tripod falls.

Second is Perrin's ability to talk to wolves. That is cool in and of its self. But a lot comes with this ability. Wolves exist in both the real world and in Tel'aran'rhiod (TDR,123), so Perrin uses his wolf dream to visit Tel'aran'rhiod. While in Tel'aran'rhiod, he sometimes sees a window appear in the sky. Jordan uses this as a type of foreshadowing like Min's viewings. Another thing is his ability to smell emotions of people just as dogs or wolves would. Using this he could clearly tell that the Prophet was mad (PoD, 579). One last ability that comes with being a Wolfbrother is that Perrin (and Elyas) might have the ability to detect someone who can channel. Dogs, cats, and wolves can (TSR,671).

Third is a little more complicated. Rand, Mat, and Perrin are characters patterned after gods of the Norse Mythology. In Norse Mythology there is a destroyer (Rand), a protector (Mat), and a builder (Perrin). The roles themselves are self explanatory, but how they apply to the WoT may not be. Rand will destroy things, tangible and intangible - he may even break the world again. Mat is there to protect; whether it is to protect the people or Rand is not yet clear, but this is where his general skills will really play a role. Perrin is the builder or probably re-builder. After Rand is finished destroying, whenever that is, Perrin will come into play by making the world whole again. He should have the help of the common man to do this (see my next point). This "builder" theme is where the whole hammer/axe thing comes in to play. Perrin hates his axe, but he can't get rid of it because he still needs it to live or hack up things, whatever the case may be. But there should come a time when he can discard the axe and take up the hammer and make things whole again.

Fourth is his general nature and personality. Perrin is almost always depicted as a calculating, down to earth character. His passive, slow nature should keep the "checks and balances" of Rand's on-edge personality. Perrin and Rand have a falling out in one book where Perrin disagrees with Rand, and is then thrown out. It ends up being a plan to fool the public, yet it might not have started that way, given one another's personality. Perrin's personality (and ta'veren -ness) also makes him get along with the common man. He does well commanding the commons in battle (Two Rivers battle in The Shadow Rising and in Dumai's Wells in Lord of Chaos ) and in day to day life, though he doesn't want to be a Lord, and until The Path of Daggers refuses to be called such. This should be a major help when the time comes for him to be the builder (see point 3).

Lastly is Perrin's marriage to Faile Bashere. Davram Bashere (Faile's father) is second only to Queen Ethenielle in ruling Saldaea. This puts Perrin (Faile actually) within two deaths of ruling a Borderland country. Two deaths really isn't that far fetched seeing as both Bashere and Queen Ethenielle are military leaders with Queen Ethenielle now marching against Rand. Three deaths and Perrin would inherit Saldea. Though I doubt Robert Jordan will kill Faile.

wotmania says: Perrin is definitely a builder... Perhaps he will rebuild Manetheren after Tarmon Gai’don is over? Mat and Rand do seem to get the most attention in the books (The Path of Daggers being the exception for Mat), but Perrin is just as important as the other two. I look forward to seeing Perrin take on a leading role in Randland after the Last Battle, perhaps letting Rand get a well-deserved rest.


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Posted by Call_me_Tim on 01.06.01 10:25
I've posted elsewhere my belief that Perrin will rule a New Manetheren, and how that will come to pass. The destroyer, protector, builder comparison of the three ta'veren friends is right on. Perrin having the confidence of the people because of his nature and link to common folk will be significant. All that is agreed.

Ethenielle isn't the ruler of Saldaea, that's Tenobia, who is Faile's cousin. I don't know if it's clear whether Uncle Davram would be next closest in line to the Saldaean throne in the case of Tenobia's death, but it's possible since she isn't married yet. But Lord Bashere has that broken crown in his own history, and I think it far more likely that we'll see that be restored and come to Perrin and Faile, than for them to become the rulers of Saldaea.

Isn't Ethenielle from Kandor?

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Posted by Rathan on 17.06.01 02:24
Yep, she is


To Tim

Posted by Rathan on 17.06.01 02:24
Yep, she is


Me again

Posted by Manwë on 29.06.01 21:26
Perin is important he shal save Rands life one more time (i think) and he might end up as the leader of the world.

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She is she is she is she is she is (hope you got that)

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Posted by no_angel on 03.09.01 02:53
in the prologues to one of the latest books (i forget which ) it states that davram bashere is next in line to the throne of saldea after tenobia.As it stands anyway (whoever said it seems to think that tenobia will never marry, as she is too picky when it comes to men - typical woman). I have serious doubts about perrin becoming some sort of ruler of the world. I still think rand will NOT die at shayol ghul, rather rand as the embodiment of Lews Therin will die.

Ain't Ethenielle, but Tenobia

Posted by sigmar on 21.09.01 03:55
Tnobia is the queen of Saldea not Ethenielle.

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perrin as protector

Posted by Mandrag on 03.10.01 14:20
Min's viewing says that Perrin needs to be with Rand twice or something bad will happen. That seems more of a protector to me.

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Posted by luc_chiendelna on 26.10.01 02:13
Yes, Ethenielle is from Kandor, and to the theory itself, NO, the borderland monarchs are NOT marching AGAINST Rand. Just making my point. And regarding the axe, Perrin doesn't like the axe but still needs to cut down trees in the future since wood is still a major building material there. Unless someone discovered concrete?

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I agree mostly

Posted by voltel on 26.11.01 01:29
The only thing I want to add is that Rand, Mat and Perrin also have other roles in a trinity against the DO. Rand represents the one power, Mat the people of humanity and Perrin nature. With each one responsible for leading thier respective elements towards the last battle. A unity of all 3 forces of Randland against the DO.


Posted by ashaman_2004 on 24.01.02 00:49
1. Perrin will be a major developing character.
2. Faile will die.(I hope)
3. I VERY strongly doubt that RJ will right very much more about WoT after TG.

Rand will not die
Egwene will


fighting wolves

Posted by Navaros on 22.05.02 17:15
I'm new around here but I think that Perrin is something worth talking about. I've heard many ppl's opinions but no one seems to agree that Perrin's ability to summon wolves will be of any help at TG. Since wolves hate so much the creatures of the DO and would unrestfully fight till they die, I think a reasonably huge pack of wolves led by Perrin will do Rand a lot of good at TG...

Very Nice

Posted by Silverlight on 30.05.02 11:29
Good work with this theory, and I definatly agree!

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I mostly agree

Posted by RJordan on 08.09.02 12:19
I would have to agree on a lot of this post. Perrin is the most likely candidate to lead after TG. Rulers follow Rand in fear. So far the only ruler that Perrin has following him is following him by choice (Taveren too, but also choice).
As far as the return of Manetheran to a country in its own right, I say no.
The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legends. Legends fade to myth and even myth is long fogotten when the age that gave it birth comes again.
I think that Manetheren will remain a small part of Andor for years and years. Perring will probably stay lord, but he will also be King of Saldea and rule Ghealdan through... uh what's her name that swore fealty to him in WH. As a lord of an Andoran province, those extra titles should give him a good bit of sway with Elayne, so he will not be far from ruling there as well. It just makes sense that Rand will appoint him an Overlord type ruler over all other nations, with Mat to command the combined armies, before TG hits. Sort of like a UN with a lot more power and all manifested in one person.
Gotta go now. Hope this makes sense, didn't have much time.


Posted by Salpta on 04.12.02 22:03
Yes but here is the biggest peice of "evidence" for his being the actual Unifier and builder afterwards: He already has four nations tied to him in a non-fear route.

1) Manetherin (His own, and yes it will be a nation)
2) Andor (Morgase has served under him)
3) Alandre (?) (the Gheldean girl who's already sworn to him)
4) Mayene (through Berlaine, plus no matter what i dont think she will ever totaly let go of him)

Perrin as the leader of the world

Posted by rLogain on 27.01.03 11:10
Perrin, the down to earth country boy blacksmith the ruler of the world? quite possibly.

One thing that is a constant thread throughout the WOT books is that characters quite often end up doing that which they least wish.

Mat the one who wants the quiet life of drinking, carousing, and gambling, not being tied to any one place or person, is always in danger leader of the best fighting force in the Westlands fated to marry a noblewoman - DOTNM

Rand - the Dragon Reborn - he really didn't want that.

Perrin - Just perrin not Lord - The Ruler of the World???

Of course being Taveren shapes the persons life not leaving much choice so it could just be that.

Just a thought.

Include Loial?

Posted by jpan6 on 24.03.03 00:44
Great theory. I too was wondering how Perrin is going to fit into the whole plot. One point to consider is how close Perrin is to Loial. Sure the other characters are friend with Loial, but I believe that Perrin is his closest friend. Witht the help of the Ogier's masonary abilities, Perrin could help build a world that would make Tar Valon seem as drab as a Borderland town.

Perrin's Wolves

Posted by zawolven on 29.02.04 15:39
Don't forget also that wolves are expected to be at the Last Battle. There history with the Trollocs cretainly suggests this. Surely their hatred of Trollocs will send them there, if nothing else. Therefore Perrin's role would be command them, insofar as wolves will follow orders. They followed him at Dumai's Wells, so why not at Tarmon Gaidon

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Posted by AgingComputer on 03.10.04 22:55
Why is everyone so convinced that Perrin is the Builder? What has Perrin done to build? He's a leader and protector. Check out the end of TGH, with the Heroes of the Horn. I think Hawkwing sums it up pretty nicely: Perrin, as the "Bannerman," is the protective vanguard, while Mat, the "Hornsounder," is more of an inspirer and uniter (the Seanchan, for instance).