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Posted by Lord Bair on 23.01.01 00:00

My theory on the One Power helps to explain what and how the taint works.

Now with that said, when you put all that together you get a river with rocks at the bottom (rocks churn the water and mix the it with the mud).

If you followed this you would have guessed that the taint and the True Power are one and the same. That’s right the taint and the True Power are the same. I think the seals channel the True Power as well as the One Power (just like the Bowl of the Winds channels both saidin and saidar). This channeling causes the One Power and the True Power to mix. Women do not feel the taint because of how they us the One Power. Women draw the Power to them - this acts as a filter because they can only draw the One Power. Men on the other hand reach out and seize the One Power - this causes them to grab both the One and True Power at the same time. Furthermore, I think anyone (who can channel) can use the True Power. But without proper training it will cause madness, just like the One Power. If you remember back in the first book, the One Power (if channeler is not properly trained) will cause headaches (that will kill the channeler).

wotmania says: I love people’s theories about the taint and such! This is a very interesting theory - nice analogy, by the way. This is certainly a possibility. The only argument I have is that I do not think the One Power causes madness if someone is not properly taught - I think of it more as their mind cannot handle what it is doing without proper training.



Posted by The_Naeblis on 21.06.01 16:31
this is not possible!
the true power is sepose 2 be abdicted and yet every1 who uses it has theSAA or something like that-i don't know how 2 translate it from hebrew...
second NOBODY has it!
not the forsaken nor the ashma'n...that plus the fact that the forsaken KNOW what the true power is and would have recognized it....
the price thingy is a good support for the theory and madness truely seams Moridin's true goal!
but since of the reasons brought up...its just not possible!

i had a theory that said htat the taint doesn't only affect with the madness thingy but it also makes it stronger!
since that the aes sedai said that woman and man were at the same str...although the forsaken said could be that the taint had made Saidin stronger instead of just tainting it...
but all of those hteories were sudered by WH so....

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Posted by mjasghar on 27.06.01 14:14
RJ has said that the DO is the source of the True Power.
Also the books make it clear you can only use the TP with the express permission of the DO.
Finally: The DO is outside the Pattern. So if you grab the TP you also have to go beyond the Pattern and only Merilel and Beidomon have done that.
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