The Way the One Power Works

Posted by Mashadarman on 23.01.01 00:00

I would like to add to my theory about the roots of the One Power. While the Power, when untapped by humans, is pure energy, it takes upon a new form when channeled. I have discussed this point already, but I would like to clarify the "distilled" form that saidar and saidin take on.

When woven (I think that’s a word), the Power is no longer energy itself, but a means by which to manipulate energy. The weaves would not work if there was no energy or matter around. Exempli gratia: If you could channel and you were in space, a weave of Air wouldn’t do anything. The described feeling of the air turning to jelly around someone is correct. The weave effects the air in such a way that it takes on a different form.

Air, Water, and Earth manipulate matter more than energy. I arrived at the conclusion that all Five Powers manipulate rather than create energy when Jordan described that when working weather, one draws the water from the air with Water. I figured that all the Five Powers do this. It's completely logical that Air changes and/or manipulates air, that Water changes and/or manipulates water, and that Earth changes and/or manipulates earth. But what about Fire and Spirit. Fire certainly doesn’t need fire around to do stuff. All Fire needs is the general kinetic energy that occupies all matter. The weave simply draws upon that energy and transforms it into fire. Spirit draws on the life-energy of the living thing upon which the weave is used.

Woven saidar and saidin manipulate and change the pure form of the Power is all I was trying to say.

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This is my take

Posted by The Philosopher on 30.01.02 17:20
I have been searching all of the theories on the one power seeing if anyone has the same idea that i do. it is my thought that the one power is a matrix if you will that sorrounds (sp?) the globe. (can't really call it Earth)
channelers can tap into it because it is constanly around you. much like the gravitaional feild on Earth. Please don't copy this. just give suggestions. thanks.

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Posted by lord bravo on 05.05.02 14:50
Einstein said that if we were to use the full potential of the brain, our thoughts would become pure energy or something of the sort (thought itself sends electric impulses across the brain). Perhaps JR has drawn on this theory. When a person channels, she/he is concentrating in the void and could probably be using the full potential of the brain, therebye releasing manipulating forces on matter.

I don't quite understand Einstein's theory, nor know the full details of it. Also, neuroscience was not really Einstein's forte, so it may be wrong.

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Posted by Lithrain on 06.08.02 08:38
While your theory is well-thought I would disagree on one point - Fire. Rather than the kinetic energy I would expect Fire to "exploit" heat which is also present in all matter. I don't know else one could describe fire but a great amount of heat in "one" place.

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Posted by Thieftaker on 04.09.02 04:42
Fire is actually an exothermic reaction (meaning it releases energy), taking an initial application of energy and making a self sustained reaction. So the poster of the theory is correct-channelling fire manipulates the kinetic energy in all things. Scientists are still unable to produce absolute zero, or a state in which matter loses all kinetic energy.

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