The Taint is

Posted by Ryan on 23.01.01 00:00

Some Definitions:

Some Theories:Are there two halves to the True Power drawn from the Dark One? Using my definitions I would have to say yes, otherwise the Forsaken would be able to manipulate threads like the Dark One... But then again the True Power is drawn from the Dark One so it could be one source but limited by the Dark One.

wotmania says: Hmmmm... There are one or two things I have to disagree with. The most important is your comment that the seals were created with saidin only. The seals were actually made with both saidin and saidar. I do not know how that affects the rest of this theory.


Keep up the good work

Posted by Metallica-man2 on 19.04.01 00:00
This is the first theory that i've read that I can honestly say is all of the following: orignial, provocative, and reasonable. I love theories that I can easilly agree to.
Keep up the good work.

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Two True Powers

Posted by cynic79 on 11.06.01 21:22
Maybe the reason the True Power does such odd things to people (the saa, fiery eyes, insanity, etc.) is because the True Power is not split into two like the One Power is. So, channeling the True Power is similar to males channeling the saidin with the taint of saidar.


But what about Forsaken?

Posted by Gynsala on 27.06.01 16:25
We know from descriptions from male Forsaken points of view that the Taint rolls away from them thanks to the DO's shield when they channel. Yet they are still able to sense when women channel near them. I think the Taint is something that was added to Saidin by the DO, not something moved around. In any case, I don't see Saidar being the taint on Saidin.


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Nice idea

Posted by rabow on 15.08.01 12:19
I like the idea, but there are a few flaws in it:

The True Power is not divided into two, this is the reason that Lanfear and co. (in the AoL) actually wanted to tap it - it was one power source that men and women could BOTH tap. The reason the Forsaken cannot manipulate the threads is because of two reasons: the TP can only be seen by the person using it, and it cannot be sensed by anybody else. When Rand saw it, he was just special .

In PoD, the reason that everyone was having problems with the OP was entirely due to ter'angreal overstressing. The Bowl of the Winds was meant only to control small areas of the world, not the entire world.

Men could feel women channeling in the AoL, women simply cannot feel men channeling at all. It's one of the differences between saidar and saidin.

Balefire is not made from both saidin and saidar; if it is a male channeler, then it is made from saidin, if it is female, then it is from saidar.

Also, the DO is _outside_ of the pattern. The DO can influence events, but he really isn't in the Pattern at all (basically, why you can't balefire the DO, as there's no thread to burn). Therefore, the TP isn't part of the Pattern at all.


Posted by da┬┤covale on 28.09.01 10:09
The simple reason to why the taint isn't saidar, is that somewhere in the series, I don't remeber where, it is said that the DO conter-attacked LTT & co:s attack, by putting his essence on the saidin. now don't tell me that the DO consists of saidar, 'cause he doesn't.

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Errors in post

Posted by Jcolony72 on 13.05.02 18:14
In Shayol Ghul you can channel with the DO's permission. Shadar Haran was able to channel there and I believe that the forsaken have mentioned that they could channel there in the past. Callandor is flawed because there is no buffer to control how much saidin is pulled through it. All other saidin sa`angreal are fine to use. Primary example is the Choedan Kal.

The best explanation I have heard about the breaking of the seals is that no matter how good the craftmanship of a patch is, the patch is not close to being equal to the orginial work. Plus just because the Aes Sedai don't know how to break heartstone doesn't mean it is not possible. The seals were created with both saidin and saidar.

The taint has been stronger since Rand was bonded because he has been channeling alot more since then. Especially in the use of gateways to run around his empire. The difficulty in channeling was with both saidin and saidar and was due to the attempt by Elayne to unravel her gateway that failed. In the same area the damane were all very sick and could not channel.

As someone else already mentioned the male forsaken can sense women channelers and they are not affected by the taint thanks to the DO's protection. It has also been said that the ability to sense other channelers both male and female is based on the individual power in the source in both the wielder and the sensor.

In regards to balefire the weave of balefire in regards to saidin and saidar are different and the affects of the weave are slightly different depending on if it is done with saidin or saidar. In regards to the headache and the split vision both streams attempted to cancel each other out and would if the streams are powerful enough erase the person who cast it. If you take this to extreme then it would wipe out both channelers before the cast balefire and therefore since they were not alive to cast the balefire they were not wiped out. Think about that for a while and you will have a headache without crossing balefire.

Why isn't this in the 'Humorous Theories' section?

Posted by Elder Haman on 13.08.02 15:21
Based on this theory, I am glad I have very few wSE points, because if I can get 50 of them for submitting a bunch of disconnected whimsical thoughts without quotes or page numbers that are rarely in complete sentences, with most of them being completely wrong, then the entire concept of the wSE is something I would rather never have contact with again.


Posted by thansveld on 11.12.02 07:33
Saidar? You have to be kidding.


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Seals are Siadin

Posted by nimvin on 02.02.03 22:11
The Seals (capital letters) are made of cuendillar/heartstone which is made with both Siadin and Saidar, but the seals (lowercase) on the Dark One's Prison were made using only Saidin by Lews Therin and the Hundred Companions, because no women helped him in his strike against Shayol Ghul. That is also why only Saidin was Tainted. If Female channeler's had been there to help him in a link, then either both Saidin and Saidar would have been tainted or neither would have. I can't remember the title of the book but I think it was that big white one about the Wheel of Time. Thats where I read about the division of the Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends and how the men sided with Lews Therin anyways.