The True Power

Posted by Xyrael on 23.01.01 00:00

Several theories have touched on the possibility of a Power that is granted to certain individuals favored by the Creator. These individuals have been deemed the "Lightfriends" by some, and I totally agree with this point.

The True Power is the power delivered to high-ranking Darkfriends, such as the Forsaken. However, one must remember that while most civilizations refer to the entity Shai'tan as "The Dark One," Darkfriends refer to this entity as "The Great Lord of the Dark," which seems to be a more glorious title. I believe that the True Power they use is just a name they (Darkfriends) have coined. There is more evidence of Darkfriends renaming titles the general populace has used to titles which seem more grandiose (ie the Forsaken call themselves "The Chosen"). It is very well possible that the real True Source is something completely different.

There is a quote that seems to provide overwhelming support for a True Source used by Lightfriends:

"Mierin had said today was the day. She said she had found a new source for the One Power. Female Aes Sedai and male Aes Sedai would be able to tap the same source, not separate halves." -from The Shadow Rising.
This is what Rand learns in the ter'angreal at Rhuidean, and it seems to be undeniable proof of a Power available to both men and women.

wotmania says: I think at the time Mierin thought this was what they were about to drill into. What Mierin (and Beidomon) were actually sensing was a place in the Pattern where the Dark One’s prison was thinner. Obviously, Mierin discovered that what they drilled into was not a new source of the Power, it was something very different.


one problem

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the power miern found was the true power and the dark one

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