About the Taint and the Seals

Posted by Katja on 23.01.01 00:00

I was reading over some old theories, and came over one that referred to Moiraine talking with Lan about the Prophecies of the Dragon. She said, "What 'wound of madness and cutting of hope' has he healed?" The person who wrote the theory thought it was talking about Rand's two wounds being healed, but suddenly I realized that "the wound of madness" was (of course) the taint on saidin, and the "cutting of hope" was cutting the hope of keeping the Dark One sealed away - breaking the Seals. That proves that the taint lies in the seals, and that they must and will be broken before Tarmon Gai'don.

wotmania says: Sounds pretty reasonable to me. I do not think this has been posted in the Theory Post before, but it has grown to the point where I can no longer be sure of much...


I am officially drawing back this theory...

Posted by Katja on 20.03.01 00:00
Well, Rand did clean the taint (probably) and it had nothing to do with the seals. But if something was wrong with Rand's method, the theory still hold!!


Posted by Dingo boy on 23.01.02 21:23
It is my belief that by cleansing Saidin, Rand has shattered all the remaining unbroken seals. This matches with the stated prophecy and also with Fel's idea of clearing the rubble and so forth.

Hopefully RJ can now finish the series within 10 years!

Thats Right! (Sorta)

Posted by snoodle23 on 30.04.03 13:31
I tend to agree with you on the theory of Rand Cleasing Saidin and breaking the seals, but they have no connection between them whatsoever. I have no idea where you came up with them being consequential to each other, but i think you were absolutely correct about the first part.

Cutting of hope

Posted by chrylis on 26.02.08 01:14
Although the first half undoubtably refers to cleansing the taint, I suspect that the "cutting of hope" refers rather to Nynaeve's discovery of how to Heal stilling. Recall that stilling/gentling/severing is a weave of Spirit shaped like a knife that cuts the channeler off from the Source, and we know what happens to severed channelers...