Taim Out, Logain In

Posted by Cool Gaidin on 23.01.01 00:00

A lot of people seem to think that Taim is truly Demandred in disguise, but this is not a view I share for reasons I will not go into here. In any event, as the Wheel turns, certain things seem to happen in a similar fashion. It seems likely that some men will become jealous of Rand, in much the same way men became jealous of Lews Therin. I think that Taim is a man like Demandred, who will turn to the Shadow to get out of the Dragon’s shadow.

Who better to get rid of Taim than Logain? He already knows how to channel, and is very strong in saidin . This could be the future that Min saw in Logain’s future - getting rid of Taim and rebuilding the Black Tower to be loyal to Rand, not Taim.

I think that Taim and Logain are on a collision course, but I do not see either of them dying. I think Taim will head to the Shadow and Logain will take over the Black Tower.

wotmania says: I agree that Taim is not Demandred, but is more a man like Demandred. This is an important distinction, and a good one. As to the rest, I like the idea and think it would be a great scene if Taim and Logain face off. I am not sure if it will happen or not, though...


Taim is not Demandred-like

Posted by Someshta on 28.03.01 00:00
As the Wheel of Time turns, when an Age comes again it is very similar to its last appearance but has some small things go differently. For Taim to be a Third Age representation of Demandred, the Age of Legends where Demandred, the rest of the Forsaken, and Lews Therin lived in would have to be the Third Age as well but from its last turning.

Taim and Ablar gor round to round

Posted by Lord Savaunt on 04.04.01 00:00
Yeah I scoff at the Taimendred theory, but Taim as the modern day equivalent of the Jealous one makes sense. I thing that Logain has known from the start that somehing is amiss at the Black Tower yo. He came there for two reasons you got to remember. One is to have safety found in numbers. The other is to serve Al'Thor. He's mature enough to realize that if he can't be the dragon that Settling for helping the Dragon is still a prestigious honor and he doesn't look down his nose at honor.

I think that Logain Ablar and Rand A'lThor would get along. If Rand survies Tarmon then I can see him and Logain going out driking on the week ends and comparing notes on how bad the Red Ajah sucks and how complex multiple marriage is.

Sooner or later it all connects back to itself.

Logain will be loyal

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 01.06.01 06:03
There's no doubt in my mind that Logain will follow Rand faithfully, without guile. Just after Nynaeve has Healed him, Logain tells her this:

"You know, I saw a man once who will cause more trouble than I ever did. Maybe it was the Dragon Reborn; I don't know. It was when they took me through Caemlyn after I was captured. He was far away, but I saw a . . . a glow, and I knew he'd shake the world. Caged as I was, I couldn't help laughing."

Rand didn't even know he could channel yet at that point, so he certainly wasn't holding Saidin. He was sitting atop the Palace wall. So what did Logain see? It must have been something akin to Nicola being able to see ta'veren, and describing a shining or glowing to Mat in Salidar. Certainly noone else has commented on Rand glowing, especially when not channeling. But between that and Min's viewing of glory for Logain, it's safe to call him a good guy.

I also expect that Logain and Taim will go nose to nose very soon. It's hard to imagine a place like the Black Tower so factioned off as it is before the end of WH, and not have some sparks, even if the leaders of the factions weren't both false dragons who could channel.


Call me Tim

Ha, Ha, Savaunt!

Posted by Rathan on 20.06.01 07:01
I like the last paragraph, but Rand and Logain wouldn't be cutting Red, or at least not the whole Red. Logain's second bony-thing was to a Red. probably not cutting Red, maybe just Elaida.



Posted by Rathan on 20.06.01 07:02
I mean bondy-thing



Posted by Gandalv the Gray on 27.08.01 01:36
My thoughts exactly.

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New Battles

Posted by snicksnee on 21.10.01 00:43
I think that this is a very good theory. I also would like to see two men face off with power without it bieng Rand and another forsaken.

Things to remeber

Posted by Luna Sedai on 26.10.01 13:10
Just A thought but did'nt Min See that Logain Is to do Great things. What could be greater than saving the Dragon Reborn from Taim(or whoever he is). I personaly don't think to much of Taim. And who is to follow after?

Fighting soon

Posted by arwen sedai on 04.02.02 03:28
I think we will definitely see the Taim-Logain fight soon. Remember Elaida's Foretelling? I can't quote her. but I remember it being about blood being shed in the Black Tower and sisters walking it's grounds. Well, the sisters are walking the grounds now, what with all the captured (and bonded!) Aes Sedai there. Blood on the Black Tower means the blodbath fight among Taim's and Logain's factions.

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Egwene's dream.

Posted by Batosai on 19.08.03 13:32
Hey. In Egwene's series of dreams, when she saw the dark young man weilding something that shone brightly, there was a passage about Logain. It said that he stepped over Rand's dead body and onto a black block. Something like that. I'm sure it's quoted somewhere above. Anyway, the point I'm getting at is the fact that Logain was laughing as he did it. So either Logain wants Rand dead, will want him dead in the near future, or will make a plan to take the Black Tower over with Rand. Most people neglect the fact that he's laughing. Just wanted to point that out.

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New Forsaken

Posted by jheregfan on 16.03.05 20:44
I dont think there will be new forsaken because the Forsaken were imprisoned in the AoL (The Second Age), so it won't be until the next Second Age that there will be new Forsaken. Still there are parallels and anyone can be wrong...

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