Logain Of Course...

Posted by Whize on 23.01.01 00:00

I think Taim is Demandred. As we all know Demandred was jealous of Lews Therin, because Lews always did the things Demandred wanted to do. Lews led the army against the Dark One and a lot more. I think that Demandred/Taim will try to turn Rand’s army against him and the to Dark One. And this is where Logain shall get his moment of glory, which Min speaks of. Logain will actually tear apart Demandred/Taim’s plans, and then earn his way to Callandor.

wotmania says: I think Logain might come along to ruin Taim’s plans if he is in fact sworn to the Shadow. But everyone knows I do not think Taim is Demandred...


One question

Posted by Rathan on 20.06.01 07:04
Hey Whize, do you think Logain will tear apart Taim's plans, or tear apart Taim?

Just wondering.....


And besides...

Posted by Orean Delabaen on 19.08.01 09:10
Demandred was always almost - but not quite - as strong as Lews Therin, and it's the same thing with Taim and Rand.

dont think so

Posted by dyring on 09.10.01 06:13
Taim is very surprized that Rand knows how to travel.
If he were Demandred, he would have known that the only way Rand could get to Caemlyn that fast was through traveling.
(or that other thing, tnhat takes an hour more or so).
That seems to give a BIG clue to that Taim is not Demandred.


Taim is not Demandred

Posted by arwen sedai on 04.02.02 03:29
I thought we were through with this Taim-is-Dem thread?

Arwen Sedai of the Blue Ajah


Posted by Mr_MolsonXXX on 16.06.02 13:15
i like this theory very much. especially since you mentioned Callandor. convenient that Logain has two Aes Sedai bonded to him so he can control Callandor, huh?