Demandred Ain’t Taim

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Those who know of me know that I am totally against the theory that Taim is Demandred in disguise. Mazrim Taim was about during the first book and at that point only a few of the Chosen were freed of the Bore, and Demandred wasn’t one of them. Taim is probably the first new Dreadlord or possibly a new Chosen candidate considering the thinning out process that Rand has introduced to their ranks. As for Logain, well we know he is destined for glory and I think that it will come in the fashion of finding out that Taim is working for the Shadow and he denounces him. This starts a war in the Black Tower and as Elaida saw in her foretelling, the Black Tower will be rent in blood and fire. Logain will become the new M’Hael and Rand will probably give him Callandor as a symbol of his faith, and thankfulness for saving at least some of his Asha’men.

wotmania says: Is the plural of Asha’man "Asha’men?" Just wondering... As for the theory, I agree. I like the idea of Rand giving Logain Callandor as a sign of faith. Now if I can just convince you Sammael really is dead...


HOkay boss work for me

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Never bought the whole Taim is Deman in disguise.

I like the idea of Taim being a candidate for a chosen since they're getting whooped. Maybe Shaitdawg will be realizing that the younger gneration got it down with killin and chillin.

See if Taim becomes a dread lord then a chosen he is in serious trouble. Being so less learned than his colleagues puts him at a gross disadvantage. They be knowing things that they won't be teachin him yo. This will impact who I think is the only other Forsaken candidate born in the Age of Becoming (my term for the current age). I think Alviarnin Freidhen is being groom for either a High Dread Lady (in conjuntion with Mazrim Taim being a High Dread Lord [wich means they be smokin lots of two river tabac of course] it makes sense) or a Forsaken (again Taim being the only other one and male makes a nice balance).

Logain will be the one to shut him down. Now if A) Mazrim is a new Forsaken and B) The battle occurs in book 10 then Taim won't die money will be bet on it if any one wants to take a bet. None of the Forsaken will die in the next book. If A) is right but it turns out that C) The battle takes place in book 11 then Taim has a 75/25 shot in favor of dying as one of the Forsaken bare minimum will die in book 11.

Logain may rise to be the new M'Hael or make an entirely new term for the job. I think will point out in his inagural speech though that he is always on step below the Dragon. See that way he will retain his glory by not pissing off the Dragon. The reason Lews freaks at the sight of Mazrim is not that he recognizes Deman (you can't say that he did not in light of Osanshiva never setting off the trip wires like that) but because he recognizes the type. He knows what jealous men that lust for more power than they can handle act like. He certainly has the experience to back it up.

Sooner or later it all connects back to itself.


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wotmainia, I think Sammael(sp?) is still alive. It was only Madashar, not balefire.


He can't be - it don't make no sense!

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Why would Demandred be Taim?
For 1 thing, Taim was cauing chaos a long time before Demandred was let out of Shayol Ghul by the ever non-permanent seals. Even if he managed to squeeze out, which I don't think he could, being almost as tall as Rand, why would one of the future rulers of the world (maybe), pretend to be the world's saviour or the reborn soul of the person he most hated?
Just a thought...

WOT on!

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sammael should be dead

Posted by zhapod on 29.01.02 14:46
mashadar takes the soul first, and then kills, right? well, if mashadar has sammaels soul, he can't be rescurrected .

Where its Taim in book 1

Posted by Ashendarei on 21.03.02 10:01
Taim in book 1 ???(you me where). I really want to know if its true, but i dont think so. Also i dont believe he is Demy...

Not always the same

Posted by lokiian on 12.04.02 13:18
The problem is that RJ has indicated that Taim might not be Taim. Of course Demadred wasn't around in the first book, but this is possibly explained in the scene where Taim meets Bashere and Bashere doesn't recognize him. I'm sorry but if I had been hunting down an individual, like Bashere was with Taim, I would know what that individual looked like. There was also the Flashback scene in WH where Rand sees the two rouge Ash'man being killed by Fain. They mention about Demadred and Taim giving them the same orders at the same time. Would it have been really that hard to kill off the original Taim and take his place so that an insider could be placed next to Rand and train an army for the DO at the same time.

Taimandred lives

Posted by Ashaman wannabe on 11.02.03 07:43
The original Taim could have been killed and Demmy takes his place. Remember, Bashere didn't recognize him at first. It seems clear to me in LoC that Taim is Demandred (it seems clearto LTT too).

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