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I agree with the Taim/Logain face off, but unlike some other theorists here, I believe that Logain will kill Taim. Whether or not Taim is Demandred or not won’t matter, I think Logain will kill him. It’s unreasonable to think that only Moiraine, Rand, and Nynaeve are powerful enough to face off with a Forsaken and come out on top. I think that Rand will give Callandor to Logain, who, if Cadsuane is right about the restrictions, is the perfect candidate to safely use Callandor along with his two "bonded" sisters. Before the Last Battle, Logain will be instrumental in dismantling the Red Ajah and be raised as Tamyrlin in the new "co-ed" Hall of Servants.

wotmania says: Can you imagine being a Red if Logain becomes Tamyrlin. That would be a most unpleasant situation. I think Logain as Tamyrlin would be a good choice, while Rand sort of goes into early retirement after saving the world and such.



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Rand does not want to give up a Sa'angreal that powerfull to anyone with even a spark of power in him... it is tooooo powerful, he will make logain tamyrlin if he dosnt take the position himself, and if he does take it himself Logain will be his equivalen of the Keeper of the Chronicles. Just my opinion but id say its a fair guess... good theory

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I think it may be time for me to get another title. I use this one too much. Anyways....

About Nynaeve, Moiraine, and Rand being the only ones powerful enough, that's a little messed up, because Logain is stronger than Nynaeve.
I have proof.
In LoC (pg 589 paperback) "...How hard had he tried to break through her shield? That push, not exactly slow in boilding, but certainly not fast. Almost like a man streching muscles long unused, pushing at something not with the intent of moving it but just from the need to feel those muscles again." Nynaeve had almost all of her strength in that shield, and if Logain had wanted to, he could have shattered it without trying hard. And you say Nynaeve, Moiraine, and Rand are the only ones strong enough.



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I think that I agree that Rand will give Callandor to Logain, but I do not think that this will be soon. Recall, Rand has a serious problem trusting people. Logain is not only going to have to regain control of the tower for Rand, he's gonna have to unify the White and Black towers before Rand trusts him.

And Moraine in no way comes even close to Logains power. She was/is a sister of a little better than average power, but nowhere near Forsaken level. She only beat Lanfear through surprise and the fact that Lanfear was using her powers elsewhere.

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Actually, Moiraine does have above average strength, for Aes Sedai before she disappeared. I recall (I think it was in reference to the female Choedan Kael) someone saying that only a few had the power to use it without it killing them: The Amyrlin (Siuan, at the time), Moiraine, Elaida, 3 girls in training (gotta be Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene) and maybe one or two others. Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene can't be counted, and the maybe one or two others comment means they probably aren't as strong, leaving Moiraine as one of the three strongest women in the Tower at the time of Eye of the World. However, I don't think she can stand against a Forsaken in a straight fight. She caught Be'lal by surprise with balefire (and had an angreal, I believe) and Lanfear she didn't even channel against, she tackled her (if Moiraine even killed Lanfear, I say the Finn's). So, no Moiraine could not take a Forsaken in a straight fight, but no, she is not just a slightly above average channeler.



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If Logain was to become Tamyrlin... He would need to kick the crap out of Taim, bring the Black Tower under his complete command, and then knock some sense into the White Tower. BUT with the White Tower having its own problem with choosing a Amyrlyn (see Egwene and the "exile" sisters and the current White tower roster for more info) Do you really think whomever wins that fight will just give up control of her Tower? Egwene is very subborn and Eladia is just as bad. Now if Logain could play both of them just right he could slip in and gain the upper hand using the black towers number of Ashaman.

Side theory:
I think part of what Rand must learn is trust. When he became hard like stone and the dissussion came up in the book they sopke of making him strong not hard. Rand trusts very few, but he would have to decide to trust Logain with that much power. (the Callandor thing put aside)

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It has to be rand

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Rand must be the next tamyrlin because Lewis Therin was the last! SO if the wheele of time is truely a wheele then It has to be rand and not Logain