Taim and Logain

Posted by Ando’man on 23.01.01 00:00

I absolutely refuse to believe that Demandred is passing himself off as Mazrim Taim. There is too much evidence to support the impossibility of this. Taim I think will do one of two things.

Logain’s glory will come at Tarmon Gai’don. I think he’ll save Rand’s life and sacrifice himself to save the Light.

There will be conflicts between the two false Dragons but nothing lethal. Maybe even a grudging respect will develop.

wotmania says: Somehow I cannot see Taim and Logain getting along. Maybe that is just me. The Shadow has plenty of ways to swing Taim over to their side, but Rand’s commitment to duty (as well as the fact that he is an extremely powerful ta’veren) might keep Taim fighting for the good guys. Who knows for sure? I can think of one person...


I'll take the first one...

Posted by saleem on 19.09.01 00:38
I think that the likelyhood that Taim will become a darkfriend is the much more plausible of your two theories. Taim becoming a hero seems out of the question when you consider Min's viewing of blood in his past and blood in his future. I also believe that Taim(or some other Darkfriend/channeller) may be elevated to one of the Forsaken. There are openings in their ranks and I think that the DO needs 13 of them for some hidden purpose. Rj consistently uses the number in the books. Taim's envy of Rand and desire for status fits the prototype for most of the male chosen.