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Posted by Kasdarack on 23.01.01 00:00

It is unlikely that Taim is Demandred because, if I remember correctly, we the readers knew of Taim before most of the Chosen were freed. However, Taim is like a contemporary Demandred, and will possibly turn (or may already have) to the Shadow for exactly the same reasons Demandred did. Some things parallel from Age to Age, right?

As for Logain’s involvement in events to come, I can speculate several possibilities.

Perhaps Logain will ally with Rand and face Taim. It is a reasonable assumption that Logain would have some respect for Rand because we see in The Eye of the World, we see Logain notice Rand watching him from a distance in Caemlyn as Logain was being paraded in front of the crowd. Logain sensed something important in Rand. I believe Logain would be the victor of a confrontation with our esteemed M’Hael.

One or two of the prophecies, I forget whether Min's or Egwene's, gives a scene in which Logain steps over the body of Rand and assumes command, but the body of Rand crumbles and appears to be hollow. Perhaps there will be a struggle, possibly including Rand, Logain, and Taim, and Rand will somehow win, but assume the body of Logain. I say this because if the struggle is for power, the war probably isn’t over yet, and I find it unlikely that the Dragon (if Rand is really the Dragon) would die before Tarmon Gai’don. Assuming a new identity might throw people off of Rand’s scent for a time and unburden him a bit. Hey, stranger things have happened. Besides, Rand was marked twice to live and, ahem TWICE to die... ;)

wotmania says: More of this theory seemed to fit here than in the Taimandred area, so this is where I put it. I like that you think Demandred is not Taim - that always earns points in my book... I think a fight involving Rand, Taim, and Logain would be pretty interesting, and would certainly have a pretty large impact on the plot. And it might very well be what Min’s viewing refers to...



Posted by Dunèdain on 03.08.01 17:01
I agree with you that Taim isn't necessarily Demandred. But just because we knew of Taim before the forsaken were released doesn't mean anything. We have seen other Forsaken kill people of high authority and take there places if it is very beneficial. And running the Blac Tower seems to me to be a rather nice position for one of the Forsaken.


Posted by arwen sedai on 04.02.02 03:35
I don't think Taim is a Darkfriend. I also don't think he is Demandred. But I have to agree with the comparison of Dem:LTT as Taim:Rand. I think not being the Dragon Reborn has made Taim jealous and furious and he's just masquerading to be on Rand's side in order to get inside info on Rand's plans. I think Taim has become more than just a Darkfriend but less than a Forsaken, kinda like Fain's status. He (Taim) is working for his own gains, which just coincides with the DO's- destroy Rand.

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Posted by elan on 06.06.02 09:55
I disagree with the latter of your possibilities, or rather you interpretations of the viewings.
I know this is a bit far afield, but you gave me the points.
The dream where logain steps over the body of Rand has two points of signifigance to me.
1) When Logain took out Callandor. We all remember the prophecy "who can grasp that fearful blade will follow after." I think that means that AFTER rand has died in the last battle, and of course Taim is no longer.(We all know he is no good, whether Demandred or not, and he would not logically survive the last Battle.) So, after the last battle, Logain will take over Rand's place at the head of the black tower, and probably become Tamrylin. Remember 'the great battle done, and the world not yet done with battle'.

2)The signifigance of Rand's body crumbling and showing hollowness, is that he survives the last battle (the three on a boat vision by Nicola?) And the world is allowed, or more likely duped into beleiving that this is true.
This brings me to my next point. "Twice to live and twice to die" This beleif of the world that the dragon reborn is dead, is the first death, after his first life. The life he has after is his second life, and his actual Death is the second death.

P.S If this too far afiel for a reply, could it be considered a theory on it's own plz? If not already thought of.


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