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Posted by Dragon-Reborn on 23.01.01 00:00

I agree that Taim is like Demandred, but I disagree that Rand will take over Logain’s body. I doubt that Rand would die in the struggle for power with Taim, because then they would lose the Tarmon Gai’don. It is true, that Rand is marked "twice to live and twice to die," but him living (Age of Legends) and him now, could be that he lived twice and died twice?

wotmania says: I do not think that Lews Therin living in the Age of Legends and Rand living now would fulfill the twice and twice prophecy. I would be extremely surprised if Rand does not die at Tarmon Gai’don or soon after. I would be even more surprised if he stays dead.


A little of scope

Posted by Lord Nazh on 15.04.01 00:00
just a little something on the 'twice to live and twice to die' theory....

it never specifically says that rand will live twice and die could be saying '(marked) twice to live (ie, two dragons et al.) and (marked) twice to die (dragons, herrons, etc.)

just a random thought early in the morning

about Rand and death

Posted by MasteroftheDice on 19.06.01 04:00
I seem to recall somewhere that Rand was going to die in the last battle but live after. (A viewing of Min's comes to mind of her, Elayne and Avaindah standing over a boat with Rand in it, dead, and yet still alive.)
Is probably far fetched but Rand once thought that to lose the Source would be the same as death. But I will admit the prophecy wouldnt follow one person's point of view instead of fact - yet Obi-wan always said "that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."

anyhow, just throw that out there

I agree with the wotmania reply for the original theory.

Posted by Lorn on 19.06.01 20:35
just subject

"....Clark [Kent]. Of all the things you can do...All your powers. The greatest has always been your instinctive knowledge of right and wrong."

From Mark Waid's "Kingdom Come"