The Lord Dragon Taim?

Posted by Jorge on 23.01.01 00:00

For this theory it doesn’t really matter if Taim is Demandred or not, or even if Taim is a man like Demandred, or not. The only thing about Taim I take for granted is that he is a Darkfriend. Proof of this shouldn’t be too hard to find, look for it yourself.

I believe Taim will try to claim himself as the Dragon Reborn. Or turn the allegiance of the Black Tower away from Rand and towards him and the Shadow.

Egwene’s vision shows Logain stepping over a dead Rand, but when Egwene touches Rand, he shatters like a paper puppet. This might mean Taim will disguise himself as Rand with a weave of Illusion. Touching an Illusion shows it for false. If this is the case, Logain might be the first of whom can see inverted weaves, or he might be able to read residues. There are too many mights, so I think the vision of Rand shattering on touch is more theoretical.

Taim will pose as the Dragon Reborn (that was the Black Ajah’s plan in the first place) and Logain will uncover his plot and kill him.

wotmania says: This is certainly an interesting possibility. I do not know whether or not Taim will claim that he is the Dragon Reborn or not, but I certainly think he will attempt to turn the Black Tower against Rand. Your Illusion idea would certainly be a possible explanation for Egwene’s dream. Good thoughts!


Taim definitely dark

Posted by Lord Savaunt on 12.04.01 00:00
I agree with the facts that A) Taim aint Demandred and B) He is a darkfriend.

GIven his high status in the regular world he is certainly likely to catch the eye of the Forsaken one of whom might teach him how to use a mask of mirrors and invert it so as to sully Rands name.

Of course the vision could mean that Al'Thor and Albar will hatch a plot to fake Rands death, and Logain will the spring a trap on Taim when he makes a move.

Sooner or later it all connects back to itself.

Logain v. Taim

Posted by princeofthedawn on 26.09.01 09:37
i definitely agree that there will be a confrontation between Logain's faction against Taim's faction. Elaida's foretelling has already forshadowed a battle on Black Tower grounds with AS involvment (enter the bonded AS). As for as Taim using illusion to portray himself as Rand, i do not see the necesity for doing this. Taim is already a known liar (he lied about Narishma, Flinn, and Hopwell) so we must at least consider his being a darkfriend at the very least, Demandred at the very worst. With this information a confrontation can already happen without the introduction of more Taimish incidents (like portraying himself as Rand). With Logain v. Taim, the Ashaman (who are growing very rapidly) will be winnowed to a more agreeable number, as in
'the guardians will equal the servants.' In the end, it seems apparent that Logain will become leader of the BT and serve Rand in Tarmon Gaidon, taking over the whole party after Rand defeats the dark one. Rand will then die in the eyes of the world so that he can safely float away into the sunset with his three women.

just a quick add on

Posted by voltel on 27.11.01 01:49
I would just like to add something, Logain won't need to see through the weave but will know he isn't anyway why? Because Logain has the ability to see Ta'veren he has commented on this when saying he saw a man shine like the sun during his procession in Caemlyn. Logain will take one look at Taim know he isn't Ta'veren be suspicious and sooner or later figure out what's up. As leader of the Black Tower his opinion will carry a lot of weight and Taim will be exposed. If the story flows in the direction of this theory I'm positive this is how it'll go.


Posted by Kitty-cat on 11.06.02 22:31
I agree with the theory completely.

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Posted by Betrayer of Hope 1449 on 18.06.02 15:38
Rand's going to kill Taim and the Ash'aman will become Aes Sedai.

Can't be true

Posted by terpstra on 28.06.04 10:36
After the dragon declares, no other can.
The pattern has no more room for false dragons.