Robert Jordan as a Toraic Student

Posted by CapKennitt on 19.01.01 00:00

I have found with some study of the Torah, that Robert Jordan could in fact have been inspired in large part by the book of genesis in its Hebrew Form. To start with, let me note that the Torah possesses no vowels. Thus, my first point is one which is strictly interpretational. The first word of the Torah is generally accepted to be Beraysheet. This means In The Beginning, and it was translated as such into the Christian Bible many years later. BUT, due to the absence of vowels, the word COULD have been Baraysheet, which means In A Beginning... As if to imply that G-D has tried many times before and will many times again... It is a short jump to turn this into a WoT style philosophy.

Second, In the creation section, it speaks of God's creation of the Great Sea DRAGON Leviathan, followed by the beasts being Sealed away until the end of time. It was said that at the end of time, Leviathan will break free for one Final battle with God for the fate of the universe... It is once again a short leap to equate Leviathan to the Dark One, and the end of time to the end of an Age before God "tries again" and another beginning comes again... As you can see, there are many parallels to the WoT in the Torah, the rest of them are all Deep Torah which just gets confusing, so I won't bother, but as you can see, though Robert Jordan is not a Jew (as far as I know) his love of mythology shows that it could well be that he's done his homework...

wotmania says: Now this is a very interesting theory! I had never read anything about this before, and you are totally correct - it certainly does sound quite a bit like Randland... If this is where Jordan got some of the basic philosophy behind his mythology (Creator versus the Dark One, etc.), I think this would help clear up the argument of whether or not the Creator created the Dark One.



Posted by boaz on 14.07.01 05:43
finnaly another jew! i was starting to feel lonly!

ps are you from israel

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i think not

Posted by yurian stonebow on 18.10.01 22:30
your 1st ¶ makes some sense, but you lose it in the 2d. where does it say that? not it the text, nor any commentataries, nor in midrashic. please tell me your source for this.

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Posted by Lord Turin on 21.12.01 16:14
im christian but have studied this, and you are 100% correct, and yes, strongbow, he is correct

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Not Enough Evidence

Posted by joshuapaquin on 25.01.02 19:26
I'm afraid I have to poke a hole in your theory. Rand/LTT/Dragon is arguably on the Creator's side, and we know the creator doesn't intervene, but...

"On that day the Lord with His great, cruel and mighty sword will punish [Leviathan the slant serpent, and Leviathan the tortuous serpent]." (Isaiah 27:1)

So the Creator intervenes and does so to the Light's detriment. Not likely.

Also, the idea of the Slant Serpent AND the Torturous Serpent indicates a duality of the Dragon, which is not revealed in WoT thus far. And I don't think Ba'alzamon is the Torturous Serpent... because Ba'alzamon's counterpart is not the Dragon but, rather, the Creator.

I am open-minded, however, and will welcome any new ideas.

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Posted by Proxima on 07.02.02 18:33
The connection sounds quite plausible, and I think most of the critics of tihs theory tink it said Rand=Leviathan, and not DO=Leviathan as it really says. This does not have to mean that RJ have even read the Torah though. This story is not really unique to the Torah. It is as you said translated to become the Old Testament, but is do not stop there. Something resembling this story is known from many cultures, and it is proabably even older than the Torah! This means that RJ could have got these ideas from many scources, but my guess is simply that he have read the Bible (which seems to be easy to get hold of in the US).

I apologize if I have insulted anyones religion, and for my bad english. It's not always easy to be a norwegian atheist, in the international and mulit-cultural community.

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RJ definetly Jewish scholar

Posted by Bookman186 on 22.02.02 07:53
RJ definetly took inspiration from the Torah and the Talmud, but there is another hole in the theory. In Jonah it is G-d who commanded haLevitan (yes, I know that's not the English spelling!) to spit Jonah out. If, as you say, haLevitan is the DO, than the Creator certainly doesn't command the DO to do anything. If, as it has been said many times, haLevitan refers to Rand, then we know it's just as invalid because the Creator never commands Rand, he merely sets the path and hopes Rand can follow it. The Creator never directly intervenes, except for maybe that part at the end of EotW.

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RJ took from many religions

Posted by San[}maN on 08.05.02 15:15
First off, nice theory, great insight. Many people before have made the obvious religious connections between WoT and Norse mythology; you are the first I have seen to relate it to the Torah.

I would also like to point out that RJ seems to take a great deal from the Bible too:
The 12 tribes of Isreal and the 12 desciples vs. the 12 Aiel Clans and the 12 Aiel septs.
Rand, the savior is a shephard, as is Jesus.
Rand, like Jesus, was not born of those who raised him.

Of course, it would be hard to say that RJ's idea of rebirth and reincarnation came from anything but Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

Anyway, I seem to have rambled...
Nice theory!

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Don't think so

Posted by LyLa on 13.07.03 04:47
If you read the hebrew form IN HEBREW you'll understad that it IS Beraysheet and not Baraysheet. In hebrew there is no vowls, but there is something like it...
and I don't remember anything about that Leviathan...

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