The Attack On Seanchan Land

Posted by Gaidin Blackfox on 19.01.01 00:00

I started to read The Eye of the World for the eighth time and I noticed that Min had one viewing that no one seems to think is important. She saw him pouring water on sand. There could be many different explanations to this but I think it has something to do with him invading the land of the Seanchan. If you think about it everyone has their theories on Min’s viewings except that one so I wanted to make my thoughts known. Everyone seems to know everything about what Rand is going to do, so what is he going to do? I think he will invade Seanchan, that is all.

wotmania says: I took that viewing to be the scene where Rand brings water back to the Aiel Waste in Rhuidean. Sooner or later the Seanchan should end up serving Rand, though I do not know if it will involve an invasion of their continent.



Posted by metallica-man2 on 30.04.01 00:00
I would tend to agree with Wotmania on this one, but that will still not stop me from using this space for my own selfish, and let's face it, purposes. I am going to state a theory of my own which many of you may have already seen due to the fact that I am attempting to pist one in every category.

[ahem]...I was in the middle of my fourth reading of WoT, when something jumped out at me like a kangaroo on . Assuming that the one power really is the force that turns the wheel of time, and assuming that my memory serves me in my recolection of an age without the power, then how would that age ever end. If no one used the power, then the wheel wouldn't turn. What would happen. Maybe the creator gives the wheel a spin out of sheer boredom, or maybe the power is discovered at the very end of that age, causing the wheel to turn, and creating the first channelers of that turning of the wheel. please mail me your thoughts.

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Re: Water on sand.

Posted by vandevere on 21.08.01 22:30
I believe Min's viewing had more to do with Rand's turning on the fountains in Rhuidean than with the Seanchan.



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Posted by Elder Haman on 29.01.02 02:11
How does water on sand mean invading Seanchan?
I can't see any connection at all.

You might as well have chosen "the woman who is dead and gone" vision, which also hasn't happened yet.

probably not

Posted by veritas on 27.06.02 03:38
i think it refers more to the aeil waste and so on, all the water at rhuidean(sp?).

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Golden Bowl

Posted by aldo815 on 31.08.02 08:06
The pouring water on sand has to do with the 'golden bowl.' When Rand confronts Couladin and in the end brings forth a storm. Then he skimms to Rhudien following Asmo, he doesn't make it rain in Rhudien, he pulls the water up from somewhere below.

Both are wrong

Posted by dragonreborn2k3 on 30.10.02 17:42
First off, there is no connection between water on sand and Seanchan. You would have to be dense not to make the connection between the Waste and the water. Not to offend....

Secondly, I believe the Power will turn the wheel without people channeling it, in fact, im almost positive about that, can anyone back me up?



Posted by Ipkar on 25.02.03 18:36
I would rather tend to think that such a quote may indeed have something to do with Shara. Remember, that the sea folk have a saying about the sharans and the ever-shifting sands.

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Posted by sabriel7a on 14.01.04 20:42
I agree that the water on sand was the Lake at Ruidan(sp?) and I don't understand the sand connection... the only weather we have seen in Seanchen is snow... but maybe know that there is snow in Randland there is going to be a drought in Seanchen... but thats the only way I could see it working out....

water on sand

Posted by the speedbart on 28.11.04 12:58
no offense intended here but i thought it was fairly obvious that rand pouring water on sand was his rainstorm at al'cair'dar (i think thats what golden bowl is in the old toungue anyway)

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